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New here and needs help

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Hello, I'm new to Health Unlocked and life has been terrible for the past few years. Whenever I think things can't get any worse, things get a lot worse. My household is terrible, I hardly have any real friends, my church is unhelpful, and I'm going to a college that I don't want to attend. I tried another peer support site, but members rarely responded to anyone's posts. So now I'm here and I need someone to talk to.

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If you wanna talk, I'm always here. I know it's tough, I keep having sucky stuff happen to me too. I'm just now starting to have friends again, but it was hard without them. Message me anytime.

Hope u are ok hugs

miss_creative, firstly welcome to this community.I don't know what peer support platform you've tried but I can tell you for sure that on this platform, in this community your quest for assistance will rarely if ever go unanswered. As to your needling someone to talk to, please count on me for anything I can do. Please feel free to PM me if you like. You're in my prayers. By the way .your user name us very creative... no pun intended.😄 What are you creative with? (((miss__creative))).

I'm new too and like many here I have no real friends and suffer from disabling daily neck and spine pain that has left me unable to work. On the plus side I have plenty of time to talk so feel free to hit me up. BatDog out!!

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ChavivLeon in reply to Romne

I have neck and spinal pain also. ...spinal and lumbar stenosis. What is your pain due to? You're in my prayers.

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I developed scoliosis as a child that for some bizarre reason my doctor parents decided to leave totally untreated - as in not so much as even inspecting my spine themselves. The first grade school nurse detected it in routine screenings they did back then. My parents - both doctors - said ok thanks we got this! And did nothing. That left my spine in a weakened state and then I was in 4 car wrecks - none which were my fault.

Got hit head on by a coked up fellow college student at 22, at 29 I was hit in the driver's door by a 18 wheeler hauling 20 tons of paper, hit by a drunk driver in a SUV going 80 at 36 and lastly rear ended by a texting driver in 2016 - just 6 weeks after my 2 level cervical artificial disc replacement surgery. So 7 neck and back surgeries with 5 fused levels I have been disabled and in pain management since 2014. Currently, I need to have a shoulder tear surgically fixed as both shoulders stay in a semi-dislocated posture now and the 2 artificial discs - instead of preserving my range of motion as designed - became unstable due to the 2016 car wreck and auto-fused over so they are now encased in bone and totally fused immobile - surgeons won't touch it as removing them would be risky. In a month I am having a spinal cord stimulator implanted to see if it will help with pain control.

My doctor parents were not wealthy - no they decided to sacrifice family concerns and be accidentally extremely charitable by not charging half their patients as they were incompetent, horrible business managers to boot - so they left very little in terms of inheritance except for my scoliosis bag. Tomorrow August 17 I finally have my much delayed hearing to qualify for social security disabled status so I can finally get years of back-pay benefits and future benefits. Wish me luck!

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ChavivLeon in reply to Romne

Romne, , I wish you all the luck in the world tomorrow. OMG you've been through the ringer ...and then some. I don’t know much about about applying for disability but I've advocated a lot for the federal educational entitlements of children and adolescents with disabilities. I know what it's like to try to get through the red tape and all the people who are supposed to help. ...can't promise I can do anything but let me know if I can help in any way. Is your hearing by phone, in person, etc.? You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow.

Write us as often as you need to-it helps

Try 45 minutes of daily cardio exercise to produce endorphins that battle your anxiety and depression. Think positive thoughts! Read people’s profile that reply to you. You can see we are all trying. Sometimes when life piles one more thing on you, it gets to be too much. We can carry a 50 pound pack , but then they add 25 more pounds to the pack, and we stress out. Pray and think positive thoughts!

Hi, Miss_creative. This is a good place to submit questions, updates, rants, the whole works whenever you need to. We are very friendly. I suffer from Fibromyalgia so exercise for me is really hard. And I have nerve damage in my feet. Both are constant reminders that I need to take it slow.

I'm sorry you are having such a terrible time lately. I have gone through many years of horrible things that hit me at every turn. Finances, family drama, death in the family, bankruptcy, back-stabbing, kicking out my husband and more. And only two true friends. My job forgot my birthday last September. If they forget this year, I might just walk out.

Hang in there. Keep fighting for a better life but know it is always hard. If I hadn't filed bankruptcy I'd be really bad off. And kicking out my husband, I seem to make more money.

You have a church so do you pray? God wants to tell you he is there with you. He will be sure to only give you what you can handle. At times, my life seemed so horrible and things often got worse. But I got stronger because of it. Let God's love help make you stronger.

Prayers, hugs, love and light!

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