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I'm New Here

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hello, everyone. I hope can help me. I been living with social anxiety disorder all my life. It has been a struggle. Recently, I been going through panic attacks and spasms in my chest that make my whole body shake at night. I'm not sure what is going on but my doctor told me it was anxiety panic and prescribed me with sertraline HCL and Clonazepam. But I am getting tired of these spasms and always afraid to close my eyes each night. Even I hadn't sleep three days before. I feel so tired. My mental state feels all a mess.

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No mustelid loving person should suffer. ;)

Awhhh ^^ hi! and thank you. I try do my best keep fighting it.

Ok listen here, otterface, I see you name quite bad sympthoms BUT I was kind of really shy when younger.. so I fought and won it symply by forcing myself.

And there are 2 lessons

1. People are in general fucking stupid and noone cares about you. You can do almost anything and most people wont really care.

So there is no reason to be anxious. None. Its 100% in our head.

2. Exposure to source of anxiety fixes it.

I had amazingly good success with improv theater. There were lots of people who madw up stories and i got plenty stage time. And point is - there are no mistakes in improv. Sometimes being bad is even funnier and better. You can play out a charactee who is anxious. Its extremely therapeutic!!

3. I can now talk and be in the center if any large group.

So if I can do it so can you!

Ohhh, I like it. I feel I need to try more harder. I tend to make excuses in my head to avoid facing people.. But it is not the way to go. You are right about forcing yourself, because I know it's better than depressing in bed.. Instead to get off my butt and go depress outside. It is not so easy to do whatever, sometimes people judge and I always feel eyes are on me. And sometimes people do have made weird faces at me but I get your point that they are so wrapped up in their social lives and friends the next day they would probably forget about me. And not really care. Thanks for sharing quitter333. :D I will try as I can.

Well people make weird faces when they see Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga or Schwarzenegger too... so, who cares.

I am an introvert and have very bad social anxiety

Even to my own family I have anxiety talking to them.

I was born with very bad stuttering but over the years it has gotten better but is still in my brain the hell I went through

I started off small talking to small crowds of people that I knew and worked with and just take giant leaps from there

Have your friends help you with that set up a scene where you have to come in and talk to someone all of them rehearse in your head what you’re going to say they can make it a little challenging for you but will get you more comfortable look in the mirror and that’s the only person that matters most if we don’t take care of that person We don’t have anything

Read this and that about Scatman John ;) You''ll like it.

Honestly, I have 0 friends in my life. Just been always me and my sisters. I am cautious as an socially anxious and awkward person of who I let into my circle. It is good you are trying. You are brave. I need to start I hadn't had face to face with many people in 2 years. I lived hiding under a rock. Thanks for sharing this I'm trying best to reply but I'm drugged up on medicines and hope I don't sounding too bad. This is good thank you so much! And you take care and keep fighting it :)

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