Hi my name is lexi. I am new to this so i guess i will just explain who i am and why im here. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety when i was probabaly 10. I struggled with conrolling my anger and other emotions. my chilhood was very rocky because my parents struggled with keeping my under control. once i got on medication and on the right dosage after multiple failed attempts of going through stages of feeling so drugged out and tired, things started to look up. I was able to focus better in school and control my anger. But as im sure others have experienced, i thought that since i felt good i could stop taking me medication (cold turkey & on my own) which clearly sent me into a downward spiral. So after several times going off and on my self, and the pain of going through highschool losing and gaining friends, in and out of relationships, i always seemed to attract the mean girls that walked all over me. I am now a junior in college with 1 friend that lives in a different area and i dont get to see often. This year has been rough for me because one i went through a breakup after 2 years and just tried to ignore the pain of that, college is hard obviously, my 1 freind isnt the best friend, i dont feel close to my family, and i am now completely off my medication due to a rection. Im in a dark place right now and im just looking for people to talk to that understand. ive been to therapists, but i feel like i could never conect completly because they just dont get it. i feel like no one in my family gets it. Im sorry if this message is a little all over the place but honestly i just need to spill it out. So if anyone takes the time to read this and wants to chat with me. please do.

thannks, lex

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  • Hi Lexi: it's good that you've reached out to this group. Sometimes those friends do not understand what you're going through between college and and even after people can be very superficial. I'm glad you have one friend and I reached out to this group. Are there any support groups you can talk to and college maybe run by the University? Hopefully you can meet similar people maybe Become friends with them because they should be empathetic to what you ate going through. I too went off medication and it really cause me a problem. Medication combined with trying to modify your behavior maybe to a psychologist can be very helpful. But again people to talk to you is very importantfeel free to reach out to this group as well as try to suggestions above. Good luck

  • I understand

  • Hi Lexi, sorry you are feeling so low, I get it, I've been at the save spot but for different reasons is all tied to depression and anxiety though. I like the advice the last person gave; check on campus or around campus for any type of groups that may lift you up. It's those types of places you can find others with similar interests and or troubles. Keep reaching out you will find a connection and keep posting in here people are very nice here. I wish you a very happy and health new year in 2017

  • Lexi I know how u feel cuz I have anxiety issues myself if u ever wanna talk I'm here

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