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Panic me :(


I never drink coffee, i did today and my heart started racing like crazy , and i got a horrible panic attack, couldnt breathe , felt sick and nauseous, its getting better so thats good, my obsessive thoughts arent going away , and im having weird physical symptoms , i feel like im either becoming psychotic or there is something physically wrong with short term memory sucks, my skin feels numb , like there isnt much sensitivity , i also get this mind fog that for some reason when i sleep and im dozing off and overthinking, i say some weird sentences that dont make sense , in english not in giberish , not sure wha it means , im so scared right now because im worried about alot and also this pandemic , sometimes i feel so great mentally but sometimes i feel like i going to lose control over myself , eventhough i know i have control over my body, movements, speech etc.. sometimes i feel like i might go crazy and lose awareness of everything , eventhough im only diagnosed with GAD, the irrational thoughts that i can develop other mental disorers haunts me all the time...Help me :(..i talked about the posts that triggered me and some still do ,

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Coffee is a stimulant it gives many people palpitations and makes them jumpy. It will have amplified your panic attack. It will soon wear off.

Kevin160 in reply to Fumble

Yes i know i finally stopped shaking and im calming down , but my anxiety has also been worsened for a few days now so its not just the coffee, im almost always getting this brain fog , and i can shake off a few triggers i saw here since then i did like my therapist says and avoid triggers but the damage was already done, its so hard to not overthink when im free all day in quarantine

I feel this bad derealization that everything feels weird and fuzzy , like moving, talking , thinking is foggy, its scary

Fumble in reply to Kevin160

derealization is unpleasant and can be scary

But you recognise it is derealization so even if it feels unpleasant you shouldn't feel scared.

Has your therapist given you any techniques to use to try to stop overthinking when you realise you are doing it?

I find the best way to stop myself overthinking is to occupy my mind either trying to learn something or setting myself some projects to do.

I also find a run is a good way to clear my mind

Fumble in reply to Fumble

Some people find meditation helps too

Kevin160 in reply to Fumble

I started therapy almost immediately prior to the lockdown and quarantine due to the coronavirus and i couldnt get to my second appointment, i was diagnosed with GAD, and talked about some ocd tendancies i have been getting , i was prescribed meds for anxiety and sleep but i was reluctant to take them because i was offered and told that CBT can be a good and natural way to get better,

So to answer your question, no i wasnt given any techniques but i learned so many tools here that have been helping

Exercise and running are a bit tricky because i cant get out of the house, due to the lockdown , and its hard to do anything at home without getting lazy and demotivated

newbie1956 in reply to Kevin160

Hi Kevin, I've been thinking about you. :)

There are good comments here for you from someone who seems to

know and understand. It should put your mind at ease & reassure you.

The suggestion to stay busy, doing something new, is helpful.

You might think that's difficult, but start by choosing what you want to learn. Whatever it is, strive to stay with it and give it your very best.

You can create a true lifestory with a happy ending or it could be all fictional characters. It could be fun. I'd read your new story. :)

The idea is to focus on something, Kevin. Try it.

Concentration on other ideas helps me when i'm anxious.

And please realize you're NOT what you think. Not weird at all.

Praying for you, Kevin

Kevin160 in reply to newbie1956

Its hard sometimes to find the motivation to do anything , being alone in quarantine, and our concerns and fear really take a toll , i always try to put reminders to do things like exercise, read something, learn something but i always feel bad mentally and physically to be consistent at it after trying it once or twice ..i do appreciate the reassurance its, thank you so much for your prayers , it means so much ❤️❤️

Joy94 in reply to Kevin160

I have been through what you have been through on a terrifying level. Trust me, keep fighting and you will get through !

Kevin160 in reply to Joy94

Im definitely doing my best, i just reached a point where my obessive thoughts are really scary and annoying , im overthinking overthinking and come up with thoughts based on no facts or proof or logic, for example i felt like im going psychotic because i started to realize i use alot of positive self talk methods to calm my anxiety, and i realized all day im talking myself through everything and started thinking what if im bipolar, lockdown alone is really hard with all the time to just think , i know it gets better the fact that something else always comes up makes me feel frustrated that i get through one thing then comes another

Fumble in reply to Kevin160

There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to yourself.

It's a really great way to clarify your thoughts, motivate yourself, calm yourself, control stress and anxiety. The list is endless.

What exercise have you tried, sometimes it takes a long time to find something that you like. A friend of mine hates cardio and says it's boring but loves doing weights. I hate weights and find indoor cardio so boring I have to watch YouTube all the time. Last year I started running and love it so much I'm getting up at 5:30 so I can to go for a run and keep my distance from people. I find it a great way to clear my head.

Kevin160 in reply to Fumble

Thank you so much , i know its normal but deep down ,i feel like im living inside my head and thoughts rather than out in the real world if it makes sense, i try light exercises, like running and walking but its rather less possible due to the lockdown but i do go out on the roof to do so , i also do alot of stretching in house, and things like pushups, situps, burpees, and some weight dumbles i have around the house , so its not a consistent program and its hard to keep doing it alot of time i get lazy especially when im lonely at home and very anxious, it seems harder than sitting down and watching movies and eat garbage food

Fumble in reply to Kevin160

I know it can feel very uncomfortable and even distressing feeling like that.

But you are learning about these things, doing the right things and working hard at it.

As Joy94 said you will get through it

Kevin160 in reply to Fumble

Yes hopefully soon ❤️

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