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Depressed boyfriend

I am new here. My boyfriend of 15 years has shut me out of his life! He goes to work goes home and isolates himself from the rest of the world. He had to put his mom into a facility due to age related dementia about 4 years ago. We do not live together! For those 4 years he has been going to see his mom every day and then goes home. He gets very angry and upset over the fact that his mom has lost all of her memories and doesn't even know his name now. Very difficult for him to see say the least. This 54 year old man told me almost every day that he loves me. Over a month ago he has shut me out of his life, now telling me we are just friends!! I bumped into him and he seemed very cold and as if I was a stranger to him. I know that he is drinking a lot and doing pot almost every night, locking himself in his home but he is also taking anti depressants for a break down he had 2 years ago. Please help!

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I'm sorry to hear this.. He obviously is finding it hard about his mom. Is any one helping him? To try and come to terms with this? He is angry.. He is mourning his mother although she is still with us.. She isn't if this makes sense.

As a 'friend ' tell him you are there for him.. If he needs to talk etc.. Maybe suggest he sees some kind of counsellor for this type of situation about understanding and coming to terms with his mothers condition. It is heart breaking when your loved one has lost all memories... But please tell him you will be by his side.. And take him or encourage him to go back to the doctors to get the help he so desperately needs.. Doctors are to quick to hand out meds as opposed to tackling the actual problem. He is drinking and smoking pot for self medication.. He needs help and he needs it now!

Good luck xx

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