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Pineal cyst found (incidental) any ideas? Not thyroid or diabetes

Hi I'm 36 3 kids 1 stillbirth after 2nd pregnancy

BMI under weight can't gain and crave sugar have a good appetite

Folate 4.5 (now on folic acid)

Tsh 0.7 but t3 and t4 ok - elevated d dimer heart rate palpitations breathless and dizziness have prompted gp to send to ambulatory care twice in last year tests inconclusive but they can see by obs im not right I have a constant headache and I keep getting the sound like someone's muffling a microphone in my right ear it's really loud

Very low blood pressure only in last 3-4 years sits around 80/50 never used to can remember the top number always used to be in 100s and bottom nearer 80

I have pcos diagnosed when I was 21 with bloods and laparoscopic surgery

Insomnia tired all day can't sleep at night - wake up feeling sick have diagnosis of irritable bowel 5 yrs normal prior

Goosebumps and sweats temp is completely all over the place was 35 after total hysto couldn't raise it

Balance issues last 2 yrs fallen down the stairs 4 times recently first time resulting in placental abrupt

Strange shivers in arms and legs sometimes one limb at a time

Heart jumps around in chest normally when I'm tired or trying to get to sleep most nights 4am wake up soaked in sweat me and the bed have to vacate and hit the sofa but can't get back to sleep until about 6-7 as feel nauseous have a banging headache and often I'm sick then I'm up for the school run by 8

Memory has suddenly 3yrs ago become terrible I could stop and cry so many times daily as I play hide and seek with myself and forget convos mid flow it's really bad scares me I can be driving along and suddenly I don't know where I'm going and I was asked my daughters name two weeks after she was born and I didn't know it - my children are taking the piss daily as I forget everything and can't speak properly I have more recently found the wrong words coming out when I'm talking the word will be relevant but not correct - book/read etc... driving me mad

Pins and needles in feet and arms hands more so on waking or sitting for a while

Typing recently has started to look dyslexic (spell check is working overtime too) I had a high IQ. Would hate to know what it is now I feel thick

On estrogen daily after oopherectomy and hysto due to pain and cyst also suspect histology but came back all clear

I feel like my brain Miss fires - I will suddenly lose balance and fall or I keep knocking my elbows knees shoulders head on door frames etc feel clumsy

Tests for everything other than folate being low have come back clear

I also have a really bad ache in my lower back that wasn't rectified by histo I need to urinate frequently

I've been tested for everything I think - addisons next week - an MRI was ordered as I failed the gp memory test and the only thing found was 6mm pineal cyst

I have a diagnosis of anxiety for all of this so far waiting to see a neuro and endocrinologist met me last week and wants to test for addisons as I have some small dark patches on my hands I think as she kept staring at them and a scar I noticed since is brown

Could the cyst be causing any of this?

I'm at a loss and feel terrible my neck is also permanently stiff seeing physio next week as my shoulders are also really hurting and I keep getting bouts of siatica in right leg cold hands and feet and diabetes has been ruled out and thyroid

Thanks in advance sorry it's so long

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Sorry also ibs means I have a constant tummy ache and have to go to the loo often daily, I feel sick most of the time but it's worse in the mornings - it started as morning sickness then carried on after I was pregnant


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