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Bleeding after running

I am on the pill and have endometriosis and following a scan recently found I have a 3cm fibroid And small cyst.

This last month I have bled during my pill pack quite a lot. I went to the doctor and we have changed my pill. What I have realised that I have started running again is that after I have run I then bleed for a couple of days. Has anyone else had this?

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Yes. It started happening to me last year. I also have a small fibroid but they couldn't remove it because of its position. I've been through hell with this as my periods have also got so heavy (I am 45 so probably perimenopause). They put me on the mini pill. I am still getting periods but hoping they are slowing down a bit. Completely stopped running which is really depressing and can't wait to get this sorted.

Please let me know how you get on x


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