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Cyst concern on ovary


Hi going back 4 months ago I had an ultrasound done as I was suffering with heavy periods and I was told the results were fine everything is ok ,now yesterday I had to see the gyneacologist as I wanted to ask him about taking tablets long term to stop my periods only to be told ive got a cyst on my ovary and a few small fibroids so I've now been asked to get the scan repeated next year with a blood test also which is connected to the cyst so now I'm feeling a bit worried/stressed and I'm also really annoyed at my doctors and can't understand why they didn't give me the results plus can't say I'm happy to be left until April next year to get the scan done etc any advice please

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What comes to mind is, get a second opinion. But I know sometimes we are stuck with certain doctors. Your frustration is understandable. Wait a year? For what, for it to get worse? Seems too long to be worried about this. At this point you are waiting another 6 months. Find a more compassionate doctor if you can. And in the meantime keep doing research and get feedback about other doctors. Every person I know in a health crisis has tried multiple doctors and some found a gem eventually and some are still looking, as I am. This hormonal female experience is just so complex and so misunderstood and mysterious. Seems to be a heck of a thing to get one straight answer. Please stay in touch. Wish I could offer more. We are here for you!

Well the more I thought about the scan results it didn't sit right with me seen as my gp had told me the scan was ok so today I went back to my doctors told them what happened and I was shown the scan results saying everything was normal no further action so at this point I contacted the specialist Secretary and told her what has gone on and why were there what appeared to be two different results from one scan and now it appears I've either been given someone else's result or whoever dealt with the results originally didn't give my gp the full report so I'm waiting on phone call tomorrow why I find out what's going on

You won't believe this there was a mix up with the results my results are clear feeling relieved

Oh that’s so great!


You're legally entitled to any test results be it from blood tests or scans.

Ask your GP to provide you with a copy, & fully explain the implications of your results & potential treatment options. Or, if the GP is useless, & the consultant you saw unhelpful, contact PALS to complain at the hospital you attended for investigation.

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