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Can someone please help


I'm going to try and make this quick or you could be reading all day.

Doctors have scanned, xray, blood test for diebites, thyroid, b12, arthritis, pregnancy, iron, and others I can't remember and all of them came back normal

Now I will list everything I've got:

Abdominal pains (like period pains but without the period)


Constant thirst

Fatigue all the time!

But then struggle to sleep

Muscle ache

Feeling sick


Reaccuring thrush

Weight gain

Shortness of breath

Heart palpitations

Mood swings

Joint pains.

Can someone please suggest something??

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How old are you? Have you had your hormones checked?

Sphynixratandcat in reply to Hidden

I'm 26 and yes they have been checked that's come back normal

Did they do an A1c for blood sugar (3 month)?

I don't think so. What's that?

It checks what your blood sugars were for the last 3-4 months.


Just because it's a huge problem where I live: have you been checked for Lyme disease?

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