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Perimenopausal? - advice please


This is my first post in this forum, although I've used this site for a while. Ok, a bit about me:

I'm 46 yrs old

Type 2 Diet Controlled Diabetic (no meds or insulin)

Hypertension - I take Indapamide and Irbesartan

Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Oct 2017

Diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency May 2018 - now supplementing myself with D3 and co-factors

My periods have been irregular for at least the last 2 years and have become even more irregular and few and far between. I had a hormone test around May time last year and was told by my surgery that I wasn't menopausal, although they didn't give me the actual result/figure. My last period was towards the end of January this year and then I had what I can only describe as a very, very light bleed about a week ago which only lasted 2 days - it was hardly anything. I've since read somewhere that if your periods are more than 60 days apart you could be towards the end of perimenopause.

My sleep is poor, I'm sweating loads (mostly facially and upper body), even with very little exertion. It just pours from my forehead and I'm really struggling with it - I feel dirty/unclean. I get very hot suddenly and wake in the night to find I've got a sweaty face. I know some of this could be attributed to my vitamin D deficiency and fibromyalgia, but if it isn't solely this, would medication or specific supplements help me?

Although my female GP has been good in the past, I've found her a bit dismissive on my last couple of visits so am worried about making an appointment and being listened to and believed. What meds or supplements are best? And any advice if / when I do decide to make an appointment (there are other female Drs so I guess I could request a different Dr).


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Has anyone tried taking estroplus from boots for menopause

Hi there, im menopausal since 2015, ive got high blood sugar, high cholesterol and lots of other issues. My Gp wanted to put me on cholesterol lowering tablets, I refused. I suffer from terrible sweats even when not doing anything my sleep is crap. I made a decision to change my whole life. Gave up biscuits, cakes, sugar, salt, eat a low fat diet, no fried food, no roasts, no red meat, drink loads of water and do cardiovascular exercises, which you can get from google play store in an app exercises for beginners. My sweating is not so bad, I have more energy and sleep better. Caffeine in tea and coffee makes me sweat as well. I lost 4kg in weight have a healthy BMI of 22, drink soya milk it compensates for the loss of oestrogen which happens it dont replace it but it helps. It is a known fact that menopausal women are prone to heart disease and strokes. lack of oestrogen causes, cholesterol and blood sugars to rise. I also invested in a cooling gel pillow which helps you sleep better at night they are not that expensive.

Wow! I'm not sure I have the willpower to change my diet that much. I don't eat a lot of red meat as I don't eat beef or lamb but prefer chicken and pork. I guess I need to look at diet again. I think I might invest in a gel pillow as these sound really good. Think I'll have a look on eBay or Amazon today.

May I ask why you're not doing HRT? I'm 70 years old and my doctor allows me to take it! I LOVE it and hopefully can stay on it for the rest of my life...

I dont believe in taking hormone treatment, I had bad experiences on the birth control pill and choose to natural remedies. Doing exercise relieves my depression which ive had for many years, it really does help. Giving up the red meat was eady and so was all the processed rubbish, I have much more energy now that im doing all this, I feel much younger and my pot belly had vanished. I was so surprised after doing all this for one month it works for me

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My Doctor took me off hrt because of the risk of breast cancer, I am miserable, 10 hot flashes day and night

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I'm sorry your doctor cannot open his/her eyes and ears to see/hear what is going on. I think it's ridiculous to keep women away from HRT out of fear of getting breast cancer or having a stroke. Lack of estrogen can cause cardiac problems and doesn't necessary cause breast cancer. The WHO study of the days gone by was very flawed. Just ridiculous that women have to suffer with these awful symptoms when there's a therapy that will totally take them away and make life once again worth living.....

May I ask why you're not doing HRT? I'm 70 years old and my doctor allows me to take it! I LOVE it and hopefully can stay on it for the rest of my life...

I'm a 72-year-old woman and finally convinced my doctor to put me on HRT after YEARS of sweating..night and day...mood swings...all the awful symptoms that women get from going through the "pause." I was afraid to take HRT due to the very flawed study that the WHO did years ago that turned thousands of women away from HRT, but have now studied it further. So, anyway, my doctor allows me to take the smallest dose possible, but it worked! No more more mood swings, etc. Yes..and at 72 I was STILL sweating and having awful symptoms. I asked my doctor one time when these awful symptoms would go away...and he said to me: "What makes you think they'll ever go away?" Wow! HRT is a wonderful therapy!

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