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High prolactin, possible prolactinoma? Not PCOS?What to expect?

After 6 months coming off BC and no sign off my period Dr sent me for blood test and my prolactin is in the 1200s. Few other results out Inc androgen and testosterone but LH and FSH ok albeit on the low side. Been distraught since thinking PCOS and was getting my head around the potential of having that and TTC taking a bit longer Went to my GP today and he thinks I have a prolactinoma. My bloods do not indicate pcos. He explained it very well and said I will need to be looked at by an endocrinologist and with an MRI. Completely freaked out. Joked that have to wait ages for referral and he said not for something like this and booked me in for 2 weeks time. Glad it's quick but then what?

What can I expect? What sort of questions should I be asking and will I be getting asked? Apart from no period and TTC and high prolactin level i have not been getting some other the other symptoms that I have read up about. Guessing will be an initial chat but does anybody know how quick they are to get you in for MRI scan and the results.

So anxious to conceive and all I can see now is a long hold up and many sleepless nights

Anybody gone through this?

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I've not had the same condition or issues has you but when I saw a neurologist it did happen quite quickly for my own problems and the MRI followed very quickly if not the same day but then I live in a city so I'm not sure how it will affect other parts of the country but I hope that might put your mind at rest a little. Hope it goes well for you anyway do keep us posted. Love & prayers :) x


Thank you for replying ☺ it's just the waiting game but as the chances of cancer are tiny was wondering if they leave it as normal wait time for the mri. A family member has been waiting 4 months for a scan for something else x

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That is a long time. Hopefully you won't have to wait that long x


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