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I need you you guys eyes and tell me if I’m crazy or not

Okay so I had my period for 3 days and it came off , Thursday night . Me and my boyfriend did it Friday morning , he didn’t pull out . I been feeling so bad lately since then but then I was like let me took a pregnancy Saturday night and Sunday morning . I need your guys eyes and tell me if it’s positive or negative the top one is Saturday night and the bottom was Sunday morning . I can see Vvvfl ? Very very faint line

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Looks negative to me

Its negative is probably your thoughts knowing that he didnt pulled out and its too soon to take a pregnancy test you should atleadt wait 2 oh 3 weeks after sex or wait until you miss your period

I'd say not pregnant, but be careful if you don't want to get pregnant!


Looks negative to me, but just to be sure I would purchase the kind of pregnancy test that actually says “pregnant” if positive. You won’t have to worry about lines.

I know "hidden" means the person has left the forum, but in case they check back...

36 hours is too soon to do a pregnancy test. Most won't tell you any sooner than 2 weeks.

You can take the morning after pill up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, so that can be an option for next time.

Pull out method is not a reliable form of birth control. There is still a risk of pregnancy, even if he remembers to pull out, as sperm can leach out during sex.


Read by post below, I agree, if this test is positive she would have been pregnant prior to the scare. With the pulling out method this wouldn't shock me.

Looks like your not pregnant to me x

I disagree with everyone in the comments, I can on both pregnancy tests see two faint lines. (the clear blue pregnancy test is the one which creates a cross rather than two lines) However, blue dye tests are not usually advised as the ink can run, also a clear blue test detects pregnancy at 25/mul which is as standard as a normal shop bought cheap pregnancy test by for more than half the price! When pregnancy testing anything below 5mul is considered negative but anything between 5-25 is a grey area whilst over 25mul (mul is the pregnancy hormone measurement) is positive. I would recommend getting a first responce early detection pregnancy test.

I don't want to be patronising but.

a) The pull out method is not an effective method of pregnancy prevention. If you don't want to fall pregnant you should use protection.

b) I hate to say it, if this test is positive and you are pregnant, you were pregnant before the incident your partner didn't pull out. A matter of days would not be enough time as usually unless it is a blood test a positive urine test will be positive at least 8 days post ovulation. You can only conceive within your fertile window.

You are most likely to get a false negative then a false positive, even if the positive is very very faint, you are quite likely pregnant.

Best of luck xxx

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