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I'm not sure what it is!!


So about 3 weeks now and I've been to doctors and to the hospital 4 times cuz I felt like I was having a heart attack which they did all kinds of tests and X-rays and ultrsounds which for ur heart is called an echo!! And they found nothing but yet my chest still feels tight all the time and I also have a hard time eating so now I eat a little after I have one of my ensure drinks for meal supplement !! It's hard with the depression I have and the anxiety I have cuz I'm not sure if it health anxiety I have or what but man does it scare me!! I wake up sore and still so tired and my legs hurt!! Now I'm only 30 years old and I'm kinda still new to all of these new feelings and thoughts!! I take celexa before bed and half a clonzepam in the morning but everyday I still have that chest tightness!! Some woman I've talked to r like o it's acid reflex or indigestion or it could be heart burn which by the way I've never had before!! And yes I'm a mother of 3 beautiful children!! I am under a lot of stress lately and I'm like I've said I've been to doctors and they all tell me it's tight cuz of tension but everyday almost all day?? And it's a scary feeling cuz I can go just feeling fine and trying to ignore it but it's still there and I don't know how to deal with it!! Pls help what do some of u do ?? And yes I've seen about 4 different doctors!!

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Awwww hope your feeling better soon I myself suffer with Heath anxiety also asthmatic and acid reflux do you get breathless it sounds like your anxiety with the chest tightness .

Yes sometimes I get breathless and tired I'm not sure about asthma though!! I could be doing laundry or cleaning up and I start feeling out of breath so I just sit down and take a few mins !! Do u take anything ??

Hi am on inhalers next time u go doctors just get your peak flow checked

Okay thank u

And that tightness is every day until I take a tums or something and even then it's still a bit there!! What do u do?? I also have a problem with going for walks alone and to the mall all things I use to love doing I'm a scared to

Could be acid reflux that can make u breathless and heart burn I just take tablets for that but ask to get checked out properly and get your peak flow checked as they can tell if you have asthma by that good luck let me know how you get on try breathing exercises good ones on you tube that might help with your anxiety x

Thank u

I am in the same boat as you Chrissy! I have been to the emergency room so much for chest pain soreness, fluttering and skipped heartbeat feeling and low resting heart rate in which they've sone so many ekgs, chest xrays ive also had am echo done which they said my heart was in good shape but i do also have GERD AND ANXIETY DISORDER which is where they pinpoint all my symptoms but just like you i am too also scared i dont want them to misdiagnose me or not find what they need to so ive went to another cardiologist who had me do a stress test which i have not gotten my results back yet & im so nervous! Its been here lately they have been putting sinus braydacardia on my results but none of rhe docs seems to be concerned like i am im terrified and i get on google which scares me more trying to get an explanation to my last ekg results i feel like im going crazy! My blood pressure is low Sometimes my rhr is sometimes 53, 54, 55 up to 66 until i start moving around and im not an athlete i do have 3 children 8,7 & 2 i dont exercise much but i walk when i have to ive always been a small person i weigh 130 as of my last doc appt i have anemia as well iron deficiency im just terrified

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