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I need to lose 14 lbs.

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Susan19422023 January
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I am now 8 st and my usual weight has been from 6 st 12 lbs to 7 st until about 9 months ago.I have always been a size 8 but now I am between 10-12. I need to lose this weight as all of my clothes are too tight and I generally feel sluggish and generally very low in energy. I can not go any higher than a size 8 in trousers as I have small bony structure. My weight is round my midrift waist and abdomen. I know that this is a very dangerous area to carry weight.

I have a sweet tooth and currently my diet is very unhealthy.. The only time I was ever 8 st was when I was expecting my son who was 9 lb 6 Oz's. Total weight gain during my pregnancy was 14lbs. He is 52 years old today.

I am now 80 years. I am generally in pretty good health. I have hypertension and I have been on medication for around 8 years for this. I have had echo cardiogram and other than some mild calcifications on the aortic valve my heart is healthy

I have chronic urinary infections for around 2-3 years but I am now on permanent nitrofurantoin 50 mgms at night. I have had bladder biopsy which was benign. To have a further Cystoscopy in 2 months time. for the past 18 months I am still under the care of the Urologists. My family are unaware of how unhealthy my diet is.

I am feeling in low mood currently and as it is a new year I would like to reduce my weight but most of all to have more energy

I suffer from chronic pain and have had an implanted neurostimulator for over 30 years. I had a new battery to 8 months ago. I am on medication and an never pain free.but most of the time the pain is tolerable

I have had a problem with my colon for many years. The pain and the colon and anal.problem are as a result of a Kielands forceps in 1971 My Son is 52 years old today. I had 75 CMS of my colon removed 23 years ago.An attempt was made to repair the anal sphincter too but unsuccessfully. I use the Peristeen system and this has changed my life. I irrigate my bowel daily and I can go out confident that I will not be incontinent

This is very long winded but I am feeling down at the moment. I suffered very bad depression in my 30's and early 40's as a consequence of the chronic pain. I had 8 treatments of ECT in 1976 when my son was 5 years old. Although I remained on antidepressants for a further 3-4 years I was well and worked as a midwife for over 20 years. My husband died in 1996 aged 56 and I was 53. I have 6 grandchildren whom I adore. This time if year is never good for me. I need motivation and for this reason I am asking for your support.

I would appreciate any support you could offer me .


8 Replies
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welcome to our forum and thank you very much for sharing. There’s a lot that was going on in your life and still is, no wonder it gets difficult to cope with everything. I understand only too well the need to fit into usual clothes and despair when they become too tight. As you rightly say, it’s more about energy than the weight itself and I do hope you will be able to address your choices of food, so that healthy choices can give you a bit of a boost and a push towards the right direction. Please look after yourself! Hope to see you around and participating in our events. You can find what’s happening on the forum and other information in our Pinned Posts healthunlocked.com/weight-l...

All the very best!

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Susan19422023 January in reply to N-o-r-d-i

Thank you so much for your understanding...I should be counting my blessings but right now I just feel.low. I really want to eat healthier and once I can motivate myself my mood will lift.I volunteer at my community library. I am a WI member for around 5 years.. With a small group.from this I do.a craft class..l am not very good but I get encouragement from these friends. I have plenty of housework.and ironing to do today. My daughter is hosting a family from Ukraine and my Granddaughter has been staying with me well sleeping here She's 25 and gone back today. Equally my Grandson was also here for 5 days too. We all had dinner at my daughters last night. I think I have the post Christmas blues.

Thanks again

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N-o-r-d-iModerator in reply to Susan1942

wishing for those blues to shift! One healthier choice at a time, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. These are the things I keep telling myself. My personal discovery about motivation was that it’s a fickle thing - one moment here and gone the next. But we can still make a better choice every moment, even when all we can do is harm reduction at that moment. And then the next moment comes and we can meet it in a better state

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WineSS Supercook

❤️❤️❤️Good luck

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Momo531st 7lbs

Oh dear you are not having a good time are you. Post Christmas blues(although I suspect yours goes much deeper) do not help when you are trying to loose weight. I am a newbie but already I am receiving lots of support from this forum. I have 3st to loose before August I know I can do this with the support I am receiving on here so Good Luck to you.

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Susan19422023 January in reply to Momo53

Thank you so much for your reply. This is never a good time of the year for me. Post Christmas and the dark days and winter weather. I am trying to motivate my self and hope to do better in the days and weeks ahead. Good luck with your own weight loss. You do have a deadline and no doubt as you say with the support you are getting on these forums I am confident that you will be successful. Good luck and do keep in touch

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I copy other peoples suggestions here . I would join a group where you can chat and enjoy company . You have so much to give. Whilst you are not in front of food too the most you may have is a cup of tea and a biscuit . Make any due meals before you go out so you don't snack the min you get in . It isn't all about weight loss during these cold months but your mental well being and general happiness which with new company may help . Local libraries are a good start and staff there are commonly asked similar questions.

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Susan19422023 January in reply to focused1

Thank you for your suggestions. I am a volunteer at my local library. I was working yesterday I enjoyed it.

They all agreed that I looked very tired and I was. Today I have heeded their advice and done just the necessary. I slept poorly last night still awake at 4 am. I have had a lie down and slept for around 2 hours this afternoon. Today I am working on getting on top of my chronic pain having adjusted my medication. On Tuesday I had my monthly WI meeting and I enjoyed it too. I am listening to my body today actually I don't have option and resting until I get over this current situation. Thanks again for the support.

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