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hereditary hypothyroidism, my partner has just got blood results back ft4 13.5, tsh 6 vit d,deficient

havent treated him for hypo, but given him statins and something else to bring his tsh down My.daughter ft4 12.8 tsh3.32 vit d deficient she has most of the symptoms on tuk checker, also prolactin symptoms, fsh 11.6 but doctor refuse to help, want to give her antidepressants, then probably migraine tablets. She is also aneamic. My partners mum hypo, my mum had hypo symptoms I have hypothyroidism. What can I do to help them. Please advise.

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Have you got the ranges please for these tests.

I have mentioned B12 testing on your other question, if she is anaemic this could be even more relevant.

What have they given your other half to lower the TSH?




Hi Louise, she is (12 to 22) ft4 from 2011 she has been 12, 14.8 but was on the pill then came off and went to 12.4 now at 12.8 her tsh from (0.3 to 3.6) she is 3.32 but as you probably know they are changing the guidelines again. Her female sex hormones at 18 is 11.8 mine at 7 at 50 years of age( ref 3.5 to 13.). Her B12 is normal, but her ferritin32ug/l . Her total white cell count 3.8 low, neutropil 1.8 low. anita


I would be interested to know what they have given to bring his TSH down?

I would not be happy seeing someone start on statins whilst hypothyroid. (Not exactly happy about them at all!)

Has he had his Creatine Kinase checked?

I specifically hope not on simvastatin?


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he has high glucose, been given clopidogrel and simvastatin, no he hasnt had his creatin kinase checked. What's this regards anita



Read document here:

That is for Simvastatin - you can look up the others on the same site.

I think the information is the same regardless of brand.

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thank youx


My immediate thought is about Statins - does he REALLY need them? How high are we talking about, and what is his HDL/LDL levels too? Statins are side effect laden drugs, with an increased risk of diabetes onset too. If he does take them, then CoEnzyme Q10 supplementation is a VERY good idea as they not only lower cholesterol, they devastate this vital heart protective substance too.

High cholesterol is often related to being hypothyroid, so unless there really is a significant problem (such as Familial hypercholesterolaemia, I would personally be in no rush to take them, and be more interested in the thyroid issues first. and look at other methods of lowering cholesterol too, methods without such a serious side effect profile, eg. fish oil, plant sterols, extra fibre... do some research, there are MANY tried and tested to look into.

My suspicion is that "something to bring TSH down" is just a different way to say "there's' nothing wrong with you, now go away"

I think I would be beginning to take that hint and be looking for another GP!

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his serum cholesterol is 6.5 serum ldl cholesterol is 4.5 high x


serum cholesterol/hdl ratio level 4.1


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