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Got results back low vit d what now?

2 months ago i went to see my doctor and she wanted my vitamin d levels taken. When my level came back as a 19 she gave me a perscription for vitamin d 50000 units with instructions to take one pill a week for 8 weeks. I got through the first 4 weeks ok, but by week 5 i was having some serious discomfort. I dont know how else to describtle it, but the left side of my neck would occasionally hurt starting about 1 hour after i took the pill. For half of that week, i had trouble sleeping as well

I would get really hot at night and it would wake me up. Trying to fall back asleep, my heart was keeping a disturbing tempo. I have since skipped this week's dose and i am sleeping better. What happened? The first few weeks taking this medication i felt fine, but i did have a slight lump or irritation on the left side of my throat that would go away and come back, but I wasn't loosing sleep. I also felt more energetic so this recent turn if events has me confused. I would like to bring this up to the pharmacist but i have no idea what to say. Has anyone here had this happen to them before or would have a hunch as to what is going on?

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Some people are sensitive to Vit D - but you maybe should just give yourself a break from it for a bit, then try taking not more than 5,000iu a day, and see how you get on with the drip feed rather than the massive dose.

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Gre3nVine, it may be such a high dose in one capsule doesn't suit or that your levels are sufficient now.

You can buy vitD over the counter or online. Perhaps 5,000iu daily would be more tolerable.

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The half life of Vitamin D in the blood is 60 days. That's something also to consider. So if you have good levels on day 1, by 60 days if you take nothing and don't get good sunshine, your level is half.

Probably taking 50,000 IU twice per month is plenty enough to get your levels up. But you need to take about 2,500 IU per day to keep it good. (You can take vitamin D twice per month at 2,500 IU X 15 = 37,500 IU every two weeks and it should be fine once you get your levels up or take 25,000 IU every 10 days.)

HOWEVER, if your vitamin A and K2 intake is low, then you won't be in balance. They really ought to take the vitamin A level as well. All of these vitamins are 'fat soluble'.

You also need to check your dietary sources of magnesium (and calcium). Most people are not able to get the amount of magnesium from their diet that is required. So supplementing with something like Magnesium glycinate is a good idea.


Personally, I've never understood the concept of mega-dosing Vit D. I find it much more effective to take it daily (5,000 IU) along with my levo (D3 aids in absorption).

IMHO, the D3 gels are the best (no bad fillers or added calcium).

I've been dosing this way for 1 year with no issues.


Thats interesting. My doctor is still skeptical as to whether or not i am hypo. But two and a haf years ago i was given the same instructions, take vit d and all it did was make me sweaty. Before i started taking this round of vit d, i was extremely constipated all of the time (which i never used to be even a few years ago) and was in search of some answer or relief. I lost some weight right away after taking the new pill as well. The sleep loss has been the worst though, i almost missed a day of work because of it.


So, are you taking any meds for hypo? I ended up seeing a private endo (I'm in the U.S.) after 2.5 years because my GP and a different endo refused to believe I was having thyroid issues because my blood results were "normal" yet I was complaining of exercise intolerance, sweats, fatigue, joint pain, hair loss, heart palps, etc. I also had low vit D, low ferritin and low b12.

I walked into the private endos office and he told me he could tell I was hypo before I said a word (I was missing the outer third of my eyebrows and had virtually no eyelashes - symptoms of hypo).

He started me on levo and I began to feel better. 6 weeks later, after a full rheumy work up, I was diagnosed with lupus (SLE) and then Sjogrens. I don't have Hashimotos (no antibodies) but my thyroid issues are most likely autoimmune related.

I take ferrex-150 and ferritin bioavailable iron (5mg) to increase ferritin as well as methycobalamin and methylfolate to keep my B12 levels up.

Something is clearly going on with you (I bet your docs have told you it is "all hormonal" and that you are peri menopausal? Or, perhaps, have suggested you are depressed and want to put you on antidepressants?) I was told that over and over till I wanted to scream at them! I was lucky to find a good endo and a good rheumy. Both have saved my sanity and my life.


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