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Can anyone tell me if Doctor Skinner just deals with Thyroid Issues as I am hypo and I am thinking of seeing him, but I would possible like to make an appt. also for my daughter who has hypo symptoms last test for TSH 4.1 but Doctor says shes in range and has put it down CFS She was diagniosed 4 years ago with Celiac Disease and now follows a Stict Gluten free diet but it has been since then she has felt unwell.

Would Dr. Skinner see and treat her aswell

Many thanks

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  • Yes, I have 'normal' test results with a CFS/FM diagnosis and I see Dr S.

  • Thanks for your reply

    Do you mind me asking are you now well if so what treatment are you on


  • No not at all. I have been seeing Dr S every 2 months for the last 8 months. I am on 175mcg thyroxine which I have worked up to in the 8 months. I am certainly a lot better however it is a lot of the minor symptoms that have gone and I am still left with fatigue, brain fog etc. however I know that with Dr S I have more options, this is certainly not the end of the line, he tries thyroxine first as it is the option GPs are most likely to assist with and the cheapest for you if they will not. From what I have read with a CFS diagnosis it can be rT3 problems or tissue resistance which requires T3 to solve so I'm hoping that's my next step. My GP isn't interested and I am doing all of this purely with Dr S and some private tests (not required by Dr S). Hope this helps. X

  • Thanks for your reply, hope you soon get sorted


  • It is possible that your daughter is also hypo as in a number of other countries patients are treated for hypothyroidism if their TSH is over 2.5. I saw Dr Skinner and he does a thorough examination and will judge her on her symptoms as well as blood tests.

    Eighteen years before I was diagnosed as hypo I had a TSH of over 3. If I'd been treated then instead of being told and treated for depression my life would have been very different and all those years of ill health wouldn't have happened. So I would encourage you to go with your instinct and get an appointment for her too.

    All the best,

    Totoro x

  • Hi Totoro

    Thanks for your reply, I have also read about the ranges in other countries and have said this to our G.P. all she said was "well yes we do have a wide range" I really do think Dr. Skinner is our best bet.

    As I am also hypo and know it can run in families. Like you I have been treated for depression for years, makes me wonder if I had high TSH years ago but G.P. never tested even after I had my daughter and put on lots of weight and was very depressed it was always put down to post natel depression but no one explained the weight gain and exhaustion. Do you mind me asking what dose are you on and are you now well

    Regards Elaine

  • I saw Dr S in 2007/08 and wanted him to see my son in 2009. My son did not have antibodies out of range and his tsh went from 2 , 2.7,3.5. Dr S wanted him to start a trial of thyroxine but unfortunately his gp would not prescribe it.


    Carolineanne x

  • Your GP should have tested you for postpartum thyroiditis after you had your daughter, I suspect many GPs are less aware of it than post natal depression.

    I'm on 85mcg T3 only. I started on T4, which can suit many people and made me somewhat better but still very much struggling with symptoms. I then went on T4 and T3 combination and finally just now trialling T3 only.

    I've lost three stone of weight since starting medication, some of which was very puffy "water weight". Now I have more to lose through better diet and more exercise (that I'm finally not so exhausted that I can do it). I mention the weight because I suspect that if I do get down to a more normal weight my T3 will also go down because I won't need as much for a smaller body.

    Good Luck with Dr Skinner, he is kind and a good listener :-)

    Totoro x

  • Thanks Totor for all your advise

    Kind regards browny

  • Hi Dr S is a virologist so I got my referral on that basis as I am not recovering as well as I ought to from a severe viral chest infection. Good luck. Once you get the referral there si a long wait for an appointment but the staff are very helpful.

  • Hi Browny,,, I don't know how old your daughter is, but he cannot treat under 18s in England, but can do so in Scotland.

  • Hi

    Yes she is over 18 so no problem there

    Thanks for info

    Kind regards browny

  • Great. Let's hope your family are sorted soon.

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