My Surgery has just phoned to inform me I have very low Vit d levels. I am hypo on NDT

I have searched the net about low Vit D and wanted to ask you good folk what further tests I should ask for. My main concern is why my levels are low? I will be asking for calcium tests to see what levels are in my blood and urine, also parathyroid hormone levels. I have been hypo for over 4 yrs and wonder why now my Vit d levels have dropped. Should I ask for any other blood tests. ?

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  • The body makes vitamin D from exposure to the sun. If you haven't exposed your skin to the sun lately or haven't taken vit D supplements that would explain your low levels.

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  • Vitamin d is made from cholesterol when you get bare skin exposed to the sun. If you have insufficient cholesterol, or sunshine you will be vit d deficient.

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  • What are your levels? you say levels dropped after 4 years hypo - did you have a previous Vit D test?

    Don't worry - most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are low vit D too (with or without Thyroid problems) and they've known this for ages - hence old-fashioned cod liver oil to prevent Rickets etc.

    After 3½ years here I've yet to see anyone report high levels of vitamin D (without supplements) - anyone?

    I take Vit D3 drops daily Sept to Apr & try to get some sun in the summer (no sun cream, I take a break after 20 mins or wear a shirt) and feel so much better for it! J :D

  • Don't know my level till tomorrow but was ok when last tested. ( can't remember when!). I am a sun lover and at every opportunity am in it! Thanks for info spare ribs.

  • here's a previous post with links for info - (can't wait for the Summer!) :D

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  • Last January my Vit D level was 70.6, This January 35.5

  • Hi - I'm presuming it's 35 nmol/L (UK measure) Were you supplementing before last January?

    Hopefully the GP will prescribe some (although they wouldn't for me or my daughter, she was was deficient at 20 something). As the Vit D council say, the RDA limits are too low to touch the problem, but yes some can't tolerate even a small amount if other issues are involved. So if unsure ask your GP!

    Although I'd hardly ever taken pills/supplements - only occasional multivit or cod liver oil tablets, I had no problem taking Vit D 4000iu daily (apparently I must use it up!), but I won't take added calcium. I do like Sardines etc - but I'd have to eat a lot! J :D

  • Yes I think 35 nmol/L. No I had not been supplementing before last January but had taken some for a short period last summer. I have previously refused to take calcium my GP had prescribed to me!

  • Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 are often low in hypothyroid patients. Also ask for 12, iron, ferritin and folate if they haven't been done. Also get the ranges of these.

    Just for your interest, if you read the comments:-

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  • This recent post by RedApple and the booklet linked to could very well be the best bit of reading you have done in a while:


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  • low d has become very wide spread, affecting countries we would never associate with low d,, Florida, Australia, etc. for variety of reasons, some I suspect not known yet. people do tend to forget that we use up our stores and the body requires replenishment. summer storage is not really sufficient any longer and some form of supplementation is usually needed in between times at least. plus the other thing is were told our levels are sufficient by docs that go on old data,, the old level range and rda was introduced after war to protect against bone issues such as rickets in the young. immune health was never thought of let alone the fact that it's not really a vitamin, it's actually a pro hormone. your level could well have been insufficient in reality in first place . I'll suspect you need loading dose and good maintenance dose after,, no matter what thyroid meds your on, you prob won't get optimal without

    adequate d,, best wishes,,

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  • In the northern hemisphere we have always been low in vit D due to low levels of sunshine. In recent years many countries have advocated using sunscreen lotion when out in the sun and avoiding the midday sun to reduce skin cancer risk. Unfortunately when you wear a sunscreen you are unable to synthasize vit D on your skin even when the sun is in direct contact......the other issue is that in hot countries like Australia and Florida the population have been high encouraged to avoid the sun and to cover up in clothing that prevent penetration of the sun. I believe the thinking is that these are the main reasons why there has become an epidemic of low vit D in these countries.

    There is also some believe that as we get older we become less able to synthesize vit D as effectively -so in the elderly it might well be that they benefit from extra supplementation.. Low vit D will affect your ability to absorb calcium no matter how healthy your diet is in it or how much calcium supplementation you take. As yet it is not known if supplementation of vit D will halt the progression of osteoporosis but there is some evidence to show that it may well help.

    Personally i take vit D all year round as I am unable to tolerate the sun -even the English spring

    The Vitamin D Council is a useful website and has lots of research and info plus advice for supplementation.

  • Thank you Waveylines. Will start supplementing straight away.

  • Please don't, until you have had the calcium / PTH tests. And also if your surgery have phoned you then you will undoubtedly be getting treatment and monitoring (I would hope) from your GP.

  • I agree with Hampster -it is important to make sure that there are no other underlying reasons -book the appointment with the GP :) I did not have any other reason other than intolerance of the sun! Most people don't....but you never do know!! And your GP will do the blood test to follow up -save you paying :)

  • Thank you again Waveylines lines.

  • Ok thanks, Will ask for PTH test. Appperenty my calcium levels ok

  • Thank you Hampster, will ask for PTH tests and apparently calcium levels ok

  • Probably just low vit D in that case, although just find out exactly what the calcium result was because you don't want to be at the top of the range. x

  • Ok will find out exactly what calcium levels are and the range. Many thanks hampster1

  • There is a good book worth reading - The Vitamin D Solution - by Dr Michael Holick. I found it useful and explains a lot. VitD is more than just a vitamin - it is a steroidal pre-hormone and is involved in so many actions in the body. They are still learning about it. It seems that anyone who is chronically sick - or has ongoing conditions invariably have low VitD. good newsletter !

  • Thank you Marz, Will read this book.

  • My levels are 38 and my GP has put me on 5000 iu x day. In September they were 29 and I have been taking 100iu x day since then. It has obviously helped a a bit but not enough. Make sure that if you aren't offered the higher dose you ask for it. More I read the more obvious it becomes how important vitamin d is :)

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