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Just got results back TSH 0.21 range 0.3 - 5.5 FT4 15.1 range 12.0 -22.0 waking body temp ranges from 34.1 - 34.9

Please can someone suggest my next move, I am on 175mg levo and feel rubbish. My GP is quite helpful and has put me on low dose HRT as he feels some of my symptoms may be menopausal, been taking them for 6 months but still feel no better. I'm 53 had last period 6 years ago and have been diagnosed hypo for about 4 years now. I am able to get hold of T3 if necessary obviously this would require self medicating.

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Would your GP add 10mcg of T3 to your T4 (reducing it by 50mcg) on a trial basis of say 3 months.

Dr Toft ex of the British Thyroid Association says in his Pulse Online article that if there are still complaints to add T3 to a reduced T4. If your GP would want proof, can send a copy of the article.

There are some useful articles on this link although some links within may not work.


Not sure but worth asking, thanks. Just sending louise an email to get the article.


Instead of the word 'complaints' I should have said 'still complaining of symptoms'


shaws, I've been asking some of the regular responders to comment on the videos I've been posting. Functional medicine is not new but I never related it to Hashimoto as this doctor does. His short videos address the reasons why the standard treatment will never bring about a good result for many people. Please do so at your leisure but if it has merit it might help others.

Thank you.


I hope you'll watch the video above. This doctor seems to explain why many of us are still symptomatic even with good blood test results.


Thanks Heloise ,I shall definitely watch this video later and even if some haven't commented on your videos, I am sure they will have gained some knowledge when they've viewed it.



I have now watched this first part of the video and think his explanation is well worth considering and could help many people of us.

I will keep a copy of the link and paste it where people may still have symptoms.


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