worrried about my daughters blood test & Vit D results {15yrs}

March 2013

Test TSH FT4 results

TSH 0.3 mu/L 0.5 - 3.6

Free T4 24.8 pmol/L 12 - 21

Free T3 5.8 pmol/L 3.5 - 7.7

Vitamin D 49 nmol/L 50 - 250 {deficiency}

In the morning my daughters takes x2 thyroid suplements and at the same time every evening takes 100mg of thyroxine. I sent the above results off to her consultant in March and he said leave her dosage as is. She has an appt with her consultant in July. However, I asked the consultant if she should have another blood test done for the July appt but he said there was no need.

My daugher is tired and moody - should i get another blood test done?

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  • Could I ask you to double check the VitD range as this doesn't seem to make sense to me. Are you saying that anything from 50 - 250 is o.k. and because your daughter has a result of 49 she is deficient?.

    Moggie x

  • <25 nmol/L Severe Deficiency

    <50 nmol/L Deficiency

    50 to 80 nmol/L Minimal level for bone health

    >75 nmol/L Desirable Level

    >250 nmol/L ?Toxicity

  • on the blood results the breakdown for vit D shows as follows:

    <25 nmol/L Severe Deficiency

    <50 nmol/L Deficiency

    50 to 80 nmol/L Minimal level for bone health

    >75 nmol/L Desirable Level

    >250 nmol/L ?Toxicity

  • That seems to tie in with my understanding, certainly I have seen in several different papers that 70 to 75 is a desirable level for Vitamin D.

    I definitely suggests that she needs a supplement, many recommend D3.

  • Looking at these results, her T3 does seem low compared with her T4, suggesting she may be not converting at the optimal rate, however her T3 is not desperately low.

    Many teenage girls have low iron so she may do, too. The vitamin D is clearly low, and needs to be improved by supplementation. Could you get that prescribed by the doctor? By addressing both of these issues, her conversion rate could be improved.

    'Tired and moody' - it's a tough one, where do you draw the line between normal teenage tired and moody and hypo tired and moody? But certainly there is a vitamin D problem you could be working on which could help. High Vit D diet and sunshine would help, but I know from personal experience that is very difficult because teenagers' lifestyle tends to preclude both...


    This might help you.

    Marie XX

  • thanks Marie... she has been taking the Vit D spray 3000 = one shot... should i get her bloods done again... for her appt do you think?

  • If you can, it is always a time saver if the results are available at the appointment, otherwise you may have to wait longer for a decision or opinion.

    I always, always make sure that my GP has some up-to-date figures to look at. If I were to see a consultant I would do just the same.

  • will do

    many thanks

  • check ferritin, iron studies, full blood count and vitamin B12 too on your daughter x

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