What actually causes the Thyroid to ache ?

Hi, im "borderline" HYPO and have all the usual symptoms of it. Was put on levo 25 mcg for 3 months felt much better, now been taken off of it and waiting to see an Endo next month. I know have a new symptom - my throat is really aching in the Thyroid area. What would actually cause this to ache?

My mum had nodules when she was my age and had her Thyroid removed and I have other family members with Hypo....

Can just being Hypo cause the aching?

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  • Hi lovely,

    How do you feel without the meds? Did the doctor give you a reason why they have stopped?

    I noticed my throat/thyroid area was aching, sore and felt compressed this time last year and it turned out I had lots of swelling/goiter. Have they tested your thyroid antibodies? x

  • I don't feel as horrendous as I did back in Nov when she put me on it. but have many Hypo symptoms, GP took me off levo as she wasn't convinced I am Hypo. said could be my hormones as im on HRT. had that checked and it was low so they've upped my HRT patch now. but, I told her still feel rubbish so she referred me to Endo. Got an apt next month. She tested my Antibodies last week said all ok... it was 16.....?

  • oh and I didn't have this aching previously, its happened since ive stopped the levo - 4 weeks ago?

  • Mine was achey before my TSH came down.

  • did the levo reduce it?

  • Yes, the feeling went when my Thyroid was stabilised

  • No such thing as 'borderline' you either are or you aren't!! Doctors are not supposed to take you off meds when you have started to take them, I would go back to the doctor and complain, even better write to the practice manager!!

  • hi, well she didn't want to put me on levo at all, I had to persuade her. then I felt much better! then she panicked I think and said that if you take it when you don't really need it it can cause other serious problems like heart probs etc... I guess its good she is cautious, but I know how I felt on it and now off of it again. she has referred me to an endo now though.. (next month).... I felt so much better taking it and it was only 25mcg.

  • HI Joanne I would go back to the doctor and tell her that you would like her to restart the levo as not having enough thyroxine will cause heart problems and also that you actually felt much better on it. 20 years ago I was told I was borderline and it took another 13 years to be diagnosed. By that time I had a tsh of over 100, and a cholesterol of 14.85. I didn't feel good at all. Could you get a copy of your results and post them here. You will get lots of advice.

    Jo xx

  • Thanks, I have posted results before and had lots of great advice. just waiting to see an endo now. she wont put me back on them, not until ive seen an endo.... x

  • I was just wondering why and how the thyroid actually aches!!? x

  • I don't really know but I suppose any part of the body can ache. I can remember years ago I had a sore throat but not a red raw one, and looking back it would have been around where the thyroid is. I felt as if I had stretched and had pulled a muscle but it must have been my thyroid. I hadn't even heard of a thyroid back then. I was in my twenties then and am now in my sixties now.

    Jo xx

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