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On Armour 2 months was feeling good but not so much now

Hi hoping some one can give opinion or advice who has been down this route themselves.

I have been taking Armour 1 and a half grains for 2 months now. Initially I saw a definite improvement. More energy, no brain fog and my vertigo and headaches subsided to a very liveable level. However, the past week i have worsened. I believe i need 2 grains a day now but my doctor is saying to possibly reduce the dose because he is concerned about my pulse rate (which he took at surgery after a long stressful journey to get there) which was 95bpm.

He has asked me to take my pulse 2-3 times a week and in the morning in bed it is around 70bpm and at rest at computer 81-87 bpm. He thinks i may get heart problems increasing the dose or may overdose with an increase. I am actually getting quite fit now but have not had weight loss unfortunately which i think would happen with an increase of Armour.There are other factors to include:

I have not had TSH, FT4 and FT3 blood tests since being on Armour. I am having them next week.

From previous blood tests My DHEA was low (im on DHEA 15mg pharma grade to sort this out)

Vit D was very low 17.9 (now taking D3 2000iu a day)

B12 was 547 (ref range ng/L 191-663) Doctor said nothing of this but i have read that new reference ranges would put me at the lower end of scale. Iam taking a B complex anyway given by doctor

I am also taking digestive enzymes, fish oil, zinc 30mg, magnesium malate, and GLA pure starflower oil.

What is peoples opinion on the pulse rate?

i think he is panicking to be honest as my readings at home are normal. I dont want to stop taking Armour or reduce because i was doing well and think im on the right path. When i was young i had a heart murmur but the docs said it cleared up when i was teenager and im not concerned about this now and am unsure if it makes a difference.

Thank you so much sorry for the long story really need some experienced thyroiders to help me out here!

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I don't know anything about the pulse rate. My view is that you need to increase your NDT, but wait and see your test result. I hope you are getting a comprehensive test and not just NHS tsh test as that is not a good guide.

It is worth paying for your own test and getting t3,t4, rt3, etc tested


Ill be getting TSH FT4 and FT3 also DHEA. is that enough?


I am on Armour and have noticed that I get a fastish pulse (85-90) when I need to increase my Armour. I was convinced before Christmas that my test results would show I was on too much due to my fast pulse and generally not feeling too good, but low and behold my ft4 was below range and ft3 low in range. This was on 1.75 grains. I am now on 2.5 grains and my pulse is down to 68-74 and I feel so much better. Xx


I was hoping you would answer Clarebear and I thought it might be the case too. Once i get my bloods what do i do if he still freaks and says pulse rate too high? I'm really worried cos i feel i'm on the right path now. Is there another doctor i can quote or clinical evidence to show him?


Wow that's amazing Clare! I would have thought you was on too much with that pulse x


I know - its very confusing, although I think the late, great dr Broda Barnes said that you couldn't tell if a fast pulse was due to hyper or hypo thyroidism. I know lots of folks don't believe in blood tests, but I find them very important, as they give me confidence to know whatvtobdo ;) xx


Cant find the broda barnes reference. What did your Endo say with a high pulse rate but the bloods results. I received a letter from him saying if my pulse rate continues then he will reduce my dose to 3/4 in the morning and half a grain at night. Im really worried (sorry)


I think Dr P mentions it in his book - will have a look. Didn't tell endo about pulse and he didn't take it. Xx


Does your gp keeping giving you these blood tests? X


Yes but at the request of endo. Xx


Wow I get none of that! Only had around two blood tests in all my time with this. Dr p was telling go with how you feel rather than blood tests.... X


The trouble for me with going how you feel is that some of my symptoms are confusing eg headaches and fast pulse. The blood tests are really useful as they point me in the right direction :)

My endo agreed to supervise me on a trial of Armour and part of this was that he wanted to monitor me closely, using blood tests.

I am feeling the best I have felt since the hypo-hell started, so think I am on or close to the right dose now :) Hope you are improving too? Xx


Hi clare

Yes I am improving clare. Slowly as you now. What I noticed this week- and recently- is that I am not slumping down as much. I am more on an even keel. My daily scores are more the same each day than up and down. I've been 7/10 each day this week. I've actually been very busy!! Normally i would suffer the next day but this week i am slept and recovered and been ok the next day.

So thats what I've noticed lately. Just have to get those 7/10's up to 10/10's :0)

You know I'm still waking around 4/5am each morning wheezing and asthmaery. Strange hey. I can't work out why that would happen. Do you think it's my adrenals struggling at that time?

Si x


Glad things are improving slowly ;) I don't know much about asthma I'm afraid but that does coincide with when adrenals ar busy...

What dose of Erfa are you on now and are you taking anything else? Xx


well my asthma, i am sure, is due to sluggish adrenals Clare. When the adrenals are under any 'pressure' on comes the asthma/wheezing.

I am on 2 Erfa a day now Clare. One on waking and one about 4pm. I also take the Nutri Adrenal and extra. And of course all the other vits and mins. I'm supplemented up!! lol

Awaiting the 4th Dr P diary now....x


That's my sitting pulse (85-90) before any medications. When I stand up is always over 100.

I am glad that you are feeling better now Clarexx


Thank you :) .This does sound to me like either your adrenals or need for hydroids hormones.

I managed to treat my adrenals with the CT3M, so just by timing the doses of ndt to fit in with cortisol production. Xx


Here is one reference to Broda Barnes and fast pulse:


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