Help raised Armour dose was doing well now have insomnia!(sorry for long post)

I was on 1 3/4 grains of Armour and I think i have been left too long on my Armour doses. I started at 1.5 for 2 months then 1 3/4 for 2 months. I had my bloods done and am still waiting on the FT3 result, but i raised my dose anyway because of symptoms. I felt great and back to my old self, barely any vertigo, clear thinking, me really. But over the past week Ive had insomnia for 3 nights (not in a row thankfully). Two of those nights were solved by some valerian root tea but last night i had two cups and i still took ages to fall asleep. Three days ago i dropped the Armour to 1 3/4grains and old symptoms came back, mainly vertigo. So i put the dose back up and had awful insomnia last night.

Could this indicate an adrenal problem or am I just adjusting? I had a adrenal stress profile done in december and i looked at that again and realised that my morning ranges were low but also at the time i was gettin up late at 11am so im not sure how it correlates.

8am- 11.3 (12-22)

12 midday 12.7 (5-9)

4pm- 4.6 (3-7)

12 midnight- 1.8 (1-3)

my am DHEA was 0.68 (in range) and afternoon was 0.37(out of range). my DHEA mean was 0.53 (0.40-1.47)

DHEA; Cortisol ratio 1.73 (2-6)

Im thinking i need adrenal support but i dont think i will get it from my GP so i want to do it with vits/ herbs/ otc adrenal support. What do you think? i dont think its so severe to warrant HC at the moment but i could be wrong. These are readings from december and i do need another one done.

any advice greatly welcomed! I know im so close to getting better and im now tweaking but im going crazy with this xx

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  • Well you certainly don't need HC, thats for sure! Thats onyl for servere cases!

    Have you not tried NAX or NA? high dose Vit C? Vit A ( mixed) and of course, the most important thing, diet!?


  • Hello sorry for the late reply sporty. I didnt sleep last night either. Not til 5 and had 6 hours sleep. Had half hour this afternoon but it was weird. So you think i could support my adrenals with vit c? any you recommend? I read an article that it should have bioflavinoids with with it. I dont know what NAX or NA are. Im on a gluten free diet have been for a while and eat lots of veg ( though could do with upping the meat) What do you recommend?And how do you know my adrenals arent too bad? I have STTM book and tried to compare mine with the egs and thought oh im not too bad. Is there another site/book that can help explain it? I dont even know the importance of DHEA! I was taking 15mg DHEA a day and stopped that a couple of weeks ago (long story)

    Still no FT3 result. The nurse is chasing it up again for me. Should i be worried? does insomnia equal hyper? My last FT3 at 1 and 3/4 grains was 5.1. Im thinking though that the t4 has kicked in as the symptoms are similar to how i felt when under dosed on levo. Sorry for going on. Im a bit freaked because on one hand dizzies are better but on the other i cant sleep :(

    hope you are well xxxx

  • Bioflavonoids keep vitamin c circulating so it stays longer before being exuded so I've read. NA and NAX represent nutri-adrenal and nutri-adrenal plus other herbs. I think Dr. Peat recommends these but I've bought glandular with similar additives myself. If you have the STTM book, the excerpt I posted below is probably in your book. It does give a page number of the book.

    DHEA gave me a big headache and I should have started with a tinier dose but some people do well with it.

  • I would suggest the CT3M for adrenals - no extra tablets - just taking the ones you have at the optimum time.

    What doses are you taking and when - it may just be that you are taking a dose too late in the day? Great that the vertigo is better - now you can at least be sure that it was down to your thyroid (as mine was). Xx

  • The other thing is Paul suggests things to lower nighttime cortisol which may help you sleep - sorry cant remember what he recommends at the moment but will try and find out. Xx

  • Hey Clare. Hows it going? Ive been trying CT3M since i upped my dose maybe this is the problem? too much? I was taking 1/4 an hour before waking (9am) then 1/2 at 12 then 1/2 at 3 then 1/2 at 6 and a 1/4 at 8pm. But not perfectly must admit often an hour later than i should have. The last dose i took today was at 4.30. dizzies are returning but hoping i can sleep.

    When i was on 1 3/4 grains my last dose was often at nine and i would sleep well, better than ever for a long time. really tired now and cant remember what i wanted to say. I am so pleased about the dizzies but i feel like rubbish too. Still no FT3 result and getting worried that im going into hyper. however my pulse was 68 this morning and i checked this afternoon and it was 76. BP 140 over 77, but i think i did the cuff a bit wrong. Will try again tomorrow. Still nothing to seriously worry about. Any ideas? xxx

  • Did you receive my reply? Bloody site!

  • I got the first one. did you write another?

  • Yeah I pm'ed you but clearly it didn't send!!

    I was just saying, why not do the on line test on Dr Wilsons website to see how good or bad your adrenals are.

    The reason I thought you didn't need HC was your test results. They don't look so bad. Bit like mine really and dr P didn't think I should go need HC! "They're not that bad" he said. Best to avoid that stuff, it seems...


  • This is a great article about adrenal treatments which I agree might be your problem.

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