Can coconut oil + Armour make you over medicated?


I have been on 3.5 grains of Armour for about 3 weeks now. I took my first teaspoon of coconut oil in morning yesterday. In eve pulse was in nineties, its normally in 70's and today i have been feeling bit jittery in chest, sorry dont know how else to describe it. ..and sweating under arms and usually don't at all. Pulse seems to have calmed down though. I cut back to 3 grains yesterday because of this.

Only other addition to things in last two days i have been taking Iron supplement, four hrs apart from Armour as advised.

So to get to point does coconut oil raise ur metabolism to extent where you would feel bit over medicated?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  • Hi - Sorry I wouldn't know anything about coconut oil exactly (supposed to be good 'tho) but the iron may well be helping your body thus hormone to work better - did you have a test and had low iron? :D

  • Spare , I haven't had one since Early July and think it was ok then will check. On holiday at moment. You are right it could just make my body bit more efficient. That was first teaspoon of co oil I have ever taken though and first 2 iron tabs for yrs? I will do one or other and work this thing out thanksx

  • Am sure coconut oil increases metabolism - I can't have it in the evening as it keeps me awake, even if used in cooking. It is supposed to help thyroid but I'm not sure it will do everything thyroid hormone would so am not sure it is really overmedication. Personally I would be reluctant to reduce your thyroid meds if you were ok before but maybe cut down on coconut oil? Or introduce coconut oil more gradually? Or stop the coconut oil while introducing iron?

    It's a minefield isn't it not knowing what is causing what or if body is just having a bad/good day!!! Am in a similar situation because am struggling after several good weeks and am madly analysing activity/food/supplements/timing/weather to try to figure out what causing it! Felt so wonderful but now lost my mojo!

  • Would coconut oil work that fast? Suppliments take like 6 weeks to work...

  • Yes in my experience it does - short term effects anyway. I think of it more like caffeine or alcohol than a vitamin supplement ie it gives an immediate. temporary boost. There may be longer term changes too eg better skin etc.

  • I get me some of that then;)

  • Hi Sandi

    You are right I should of taken either iron or oil. It is a nightmare trying to figure it all out, especially when you feel rubbish. I will start back on just iron i think firstly. Sorry your struggling and hope you pick up soon x

  • Coconut oil does increase our metabolism.

    Did you take it too near the Armour? All supplements should be taken about 4 hours after meds. Our pulse is a good indicator for us. Maybe it means you can also take less meds.

    I found Coconut oil made me feel warmer too.

    It can also be used in cooking.

  • Did you start on 3and half grains or work up to that, usually you would start lower and work up, maybe you too to much Armour too soon…..?

  • Dw, no I started on half grain back in sept. Am constantly monitoring myself morn and night. Am under care of Dr Peatfield and need to catch up with him soon.

  • Shaws, I take all other iron etc 4 hrs apart, but didn't think about that with oil and took it prob hr after armour.....

  • You can also add it to hot drinks, food etc.

  • Hi Cat, just thought I'd let you know I had a Vega test a few weeks ago - allergy electro resistance test by homeopath - this has been a helpful guide for food sensitivities in the past, although not always completely comprehensive - result was 'keep away from coconut oil ' . I was quite disappointed having read how good it is for you but the jar has been passed on. Low iron can make me very racey , but so can a number of things. As Sandi says maybe just drop out the oil first.

  • Sarah, that's a shame, it does sound so good for you, thanks for the advice x

  • Hi Cat - you may have been experiencing detox symptoms as coconut oil is a great detoxifier according to lots of info online. Read somewhere it was caused by 'candida die-of'f''

    On the other hand you can find info the discredits its benefits so I guess we just have to take our pick make a choice! :) x

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