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Help with supplements/dosing please?

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(I am currently on 25mcg a day of levo. I definitely feel underactive, having particular problems with inflamed gums that I have posted separately about. I also have Grave's disease (in remission)).

Had blood test in December to check my vitamin levels, would welcome thoughts on changes to supplementation. Blood test attached as a pic below.

Up until the test I was taking for a number of months the following:

- 5000iu of vitamin D every other day (this was right over summer as it's now winter, should I just continue with 5000iu every other day - I wear high factor suncream and cover up all summer as I have very fair skin and burn easily).

- Ferritin - I have been struggling to get up for months and months and struggle to tolerate iron tablets - have just changed to 4xdessicated liver tablets with 1000mg of vit C, plus 2xgentle iron with 1000mg of vit c a day.

- Thornes B complex, one every other day - I've increased it to daily since this test - is this right?

- My zinc is right at the bottom of the range. I found a study online ( that seems to indicate optimal zinc is 90-150 mcg/dl. I converted my result to mcg/dl which I believe equals 70.9373. I know reference ranges vary but I believe this gives an indication that my level is sub-optimal? Any thoughts on this?

I thought I had read that zinc supplements can worsen ferritin levels, but on reading again, I think that's only if you take zinc supplements on their own?

Any tips on how much/what type of zinc to take and how to take it?

- I understand that l-lysine can help to raise ferritin and zinc levels - anyone tried this? Any issues with taking this I should be aware of?

- I was taking 200mcg a day of selenium (I tested prior to starting and my result was in range but right at the bottom). As I am now over range I have stopped to deplete them a little but was thinking of restarting at 100mcg a day?

- I note my sodium level is just under range but my thyroid hormones were below range just before this test was done and I understand low sodium can be caused by an underactive thyroid. Is this something to be concerned about?

On top of the above I also take:

- Fish oils

- Psyllium husks

- Magnesium Malate at night - 350mg

Thanks everyone!

SeasideSusie - would particularly welcome your thoughts :-)

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Are you sure there's no pituitary problem (low sodium)? If you have Graves,who are you on levo? Your bio says you are hypo. For zinc, lots of seeds, esp pumpkin (you could also use pumpkin seed butter) and lots of probiotics to help with general gut health. If you are vegan or veggie, you probably won't be getting enough lysine, but others get plenty from meat and dairy. If you supplement it, you probably won't get cold sores, but I know nothing about its effects of iron or zinc - phytic acid hinders zinc and iron absorption, so if you are eating lots of grains and legumes, stop.


Thanks for your reply.

I was diagnosed as hypo (suspected hashis), and then later with graves (positive TSI abs test). I am now underactive (in remission from Graves) and gone back onto a v low dose or levo. Feeling v underactive. Interesting you mention pituitary as my TSH seems quite sluggish (and my TSH is currently (ie when last tested a few weeks ago) low in range with T4 just below range). But I have read that may also be because I have had graves and i understand this can cause a sluggish TSH (don't know much about this though) - or that some people have a slow to respond TSH.

Thanks for tips on getting zinc from diet but I seem to have some absorption problems so think I would rather supplement. I'm not veggie or vegan and I eat a lot of red meat and some liver, but still have low ferritin so not sure how well I'm absorbing anything from food at the moment. I don't eat lots of grains or legumes.

I've read some studies that say that l-lysine can improve ferritin and zinc levels.

Hey SeasideSusie Are you about? If so, would you mind commenting on my post if you have time? Thank you! :-)

do you drink lots of fluids? Or on diuretics?

No why do you ask? Probably don’t drink enough if I’m honest.

if your fluid intake was high it could account for the slightly low sodium (as can diuretics). As you've noted hypothyroid can also give low sodium's so possibly the cause. I doubt your GP would get that excited about it, but definitely one to have checked on and off, peoples sodium can slowly drop and you get no overt symptoms happens alot in the elderly, however if they drop suddenly then you'd know about it.

Ok many thanks - v helpful

Bumping in the hope that someone is able to comment on supplements and levels. thank you!

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