T3 dosing advice needed

After chipping away at my GP, finally he has conceded and has prescribed a trial of T3. Currently, I take L-thyroxine 50/75 mcg alternative days and the prescription is for 20 tablets of Thybon 20 mcg. As this is a low dose, should I simply add one tablet daily to my regime or should I reduce my L-thyroxine? Should I take it with my T4 or a specific time of day?

At the moment my iron levels are well below normal which was my argument for getting some T3 as iron is needed for optimal conversion. Two months ago it was 50 ug/dl (60-180) despite one month of supplements, it continues to drop even though I continued on supplements, it has now reduced to 48 ug/dl. Ferritin was reported as being normal but I don't have evidence of this. Folate was also deficient but responded to supplements and is now at the lower end of normal.

I would like to optimise the use of the small amount of T3 that I have been given, in the hope that it will help to relieve my debilitating symptoms and strengthen my argument for further usage. Any advice?

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  • Hi Granny56,

    Like you I have just been prescribed T3 and am in a quandary about how to take it although endo said 20mcg T3 and 75mcg of T4, my normal amount being 125mcg prescribed (and I started taking 150 when I was told I was low).

    I can't advise you but I wish you well and hope that the T3 helps both of us.

  • Thank you, I hope you feel better on a combination too

  • I have just posted to lphoenix about T3 dosing - so click onto her name and you will find her post about T3 and my reply .....

    Hope it works for you too ..........

  • Search The Forum for that name but only this string came up

  • The first response in this thread , just click directly on the name

  • Thank you that was my thoughts too, its good to get confirmation that this might be the best way to proceed.

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