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Help with low TSH

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Hello I have been on here before and received tremendous help and knowledge so wondered if I can trouble you again.

I am a Coeliac with Hashimotos, lichen planus, vitiligo , alopecia ,Homozygous wildtype TT after taaking D102 test (genetic polymorphisims implicated in various pathways) .

After seeking help here and reading Paul Robinsons book I decided to take more responsibility for my health and have been doing well.

So in addition to 20 mcg T3 liothyroxine and 75mcg Levothyroxine I have been taking selenium Korean Ginsing B12 and Vitamin D and two drops of CBD daily , since doing so my lichen planus and vitiligo have cleared (after 15 years of very bad open sores) my body hair came back,eye lashes and a little head hair. Which I lost suddenly four years ago.

I went for my annual check up and the Endo suggested I reduce the T3 as my TSH was suppressed 0.03 it is but I thought that sometimes on T3 you get that and as long as I feel well and I've had a recent bone scan as I fell and broke my wrist. Anyway she said to reduce it 10mcg and up levo to 80mcg. I said I would try but in a month I have lost my eye lashes again so I'm not sure .

Blood tests : TSH 0.03 Free T4 9.3 Free T3 4.0.

My Vitamins are at optimal levels and the only other raised items on the blood test are my MCHC 357 MCH 33.5 Eosinophils 0.6 which have always been so.

Any comments would be useful. Thank you

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Hi , I also take t3 and levothyroxine as I have hypothyroid. I have always been called in by my Gp as my TSH is very low and classed as abnormal but my consultant (a Professor In Endocrinology) says that aslong as I am eliminating my symptoms and feeling better then he is happy . I see him again next Friday .

My TSH IN June was <0.02

T3. 6.3

T4. 13.0

And most recently December bloods were

TSH. <0..02

T3. 5.8

T4. 15.6

And I am feeling good on this .

Hope this helps



Thank you for replying

You're right, once you're taking medication, TSH doesn't really matter that much. So long as TSH is below 1. It's T4 and T3 that matter most, with T3 being the most important!

I agree, you should not reduce your T3 based solely on the TSH - I take it those labs were done on 20 mcg T3 liothyroxine and 75mcg Levothyroxine? But, we do need the ranges, please. Ranges vary from lab to lab, so you always need to put them when giving lab test results.

I take it you had your vit d and B12 tested before supplementing? Do you have the results? And what and how much are you taking. Supplementing is a minefield, so always best to check.

If you are taking vit D, you should also be taking magnesium and vit K2 - MK7. Vit d need magnesium to work properly, so, taking vit D reduces magnesium - which you're probably low on, anyway. Also, taking vit d increases absorption of calcium from food, so you need to take the K2 to make sure that extra calcium goes into the teeth and bones, and doesn't build up in the soft tissues and arteries.

If you are taking B12, you also need to take a B complex, because the Bs all work together, and need to be kept balanced.

Why are you taking ginseng?

Thank you so sorry should have known better ranges TSH 0.35-4.94

Me 0.03 Free T 4 9- 19 me 9.3 Free T3 2.6 -6.1 me 4.0.

I started taking B12 some four years ago when I had been really

poorly (lost all hair no energy etc) and consultant was convinced I had Addisons and Synacthen tested me twice but range came back normal I. i discovered this site posted on here and several people pointed out how low my B12 and Vitamin D werer. So I started to take them.Then the more I read it seemed to confirm that with all the auro immune issues I was experiencing that optimal levels were vital and i noticeda big difference in myself.

The last Vit D test came back in October " and Vitamin B12 was 566 range 180-640.

I also read that the gene test I had done TT ian imply issues with enzymes usually significantly lower folate. The latest blood test show serum folate range 3 - 20 mine is 7.1. I n more research I discovered that Coeliacs usually need more Vitamin D so this confirmed it even more to me . I haven't read or heard of K2 I'm afraid or seen it. I have just started taking magnesium because I had read about it working with Vitamin D . Amounts the Magnesium tablet says 300mg , Selenium 200 ug , Vit D3 25ug , Korean Ginsing 120mg Vit B12 1000ug all one a day.

Everything I read seemed to imply selenium was needed for conversion so I started taking that and also Korean Ginsing to help increase the cortisol level by slowing the break down. Quite honestly I was feeling so poorly i was covered in open sores from lichen planus,had gone from thick hair to no hair at all head or body eye lashes etc in three months developed vitiligo, had to give up work after a major fall; and was so low i decided to try and do something for myself and until now I have been so much better and I find that with thyroid levels its so easy to be out of kilter so I hadn't changed anything since.

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thank you again.

No advice, but I just wanted to say that you look gorgeous. Wonderful to see photos of other members. Especially those that have taken their health into their own hands.

Stay happy.


Bless you that's not rue but I appreciate it I really just added the photo to show people the hair that's come back etc.

I've just notice a couple of mistakes in my reply to you Grey Goose it should read just "TT , and the Vit D test that came back said Normal no action. Optimum Vit D is seen in Autumn Total VIt D now assayed at SRH . 70 - 200 nmol /1 Replete .

Total 25-hydroxyvitamin D level 100 nmol/ L (75 -200). Thank you .

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