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Hi, new here and wanting a little advice please?



I have been having some symptoms which I feel could be related to my thyroid and have been really interested to read information and advice on here - was hoping for a little advice if possible? I really would like to ask if what I have done so far and plan to do seems "sensible" / logical! I have been conscious after visiting the GP's 4 times recently to try not to google my symptoms to death and can see from many of the posts that getting to grips with a possible thyroid problem is hard!! So would be really grateful if you may point me in the right direction - thanks so much.

Symptoms- on and off for a long while (years) been very sensitive to the cold, various aches and easily tired, constipation, dull thinking/clumsy, pins and needles on occasion in fingers or feet, quite regular feeling in right side of throat / ear that it is achey/sore but goes on and off. Pressure headaches worst around temples/ears/eye sockets, odd little bruises mainly on toes/fingers (spontaneous but infrequent), tinnitus and dizzy feelings, slow pulse (usual is high 40's)

Recent symptoms- since end of August: back aches are much worse to the extent I have been off work, with general awful fatigue (feeling I have to go to bed in the day after something simple, like a shower/washing pots) and various aches, tender points and stiffness in my body - neck, jaw, foot, around middle of arms, shoulders.

Medical stuff in the past - had double mastectomy and reconstruction from mid-back muscles 2008, (so my back has always been uncomfortable) but the aches and pains there are much worse lately. Hysterectomy and ovaries removed 2010 - this was all preventative, because I have a genetic issue with very high risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Present - have seen GPs 4 times since the end of August with these symptoms, saying I am concerned there may be an underlying reason for these symptoms. I have been having physio for my back and GP requested some blood tests, back x-rays (fine). Looked into my own symptoms and feel these may be related to thyroid - have now found out my nan, both mums sisters and one of their daughters all take Thyroxine. Told GP and they had not checked my thyroid - asked if they could check antibodies and went to get results today. Have put all results I have had so far below - as I have read on here, they have not asked for T3 (I assume due to the TSH and T4 being "OK" to them)

These are all the ones I have had:

TSH 2.8miu/L (0.2 - 4.0)

free T4 13.4pmol/L (10.0 - 20.0)

Thyroid peroxidase antibody concentration <28iu/mL (<100.0)

Calcium 2.41mmol/L (2.2 - 2.6)

Phosphate 1.03mmol/L (0.8 - 1.5)

CRP 6.4mg/L (<10)

Vitamin D 37nmol/L (75.0 - 250.0) - GP started 40,000 Vit D3 once a week for 7 weeks

Urea and electrolytes all OK, liver function tests all OK, full blood count all OK but did not check Ferritin or folate. Did not check vitamin B12.

Am I in the right ball-park to think it is worth my doing a private blood check (thinking Medichecks Ultravit) to get T3, other antibodies, B12, Ferritin, Folate) rather than leaving it at that? I appreciate I only have part of a picture. Since reading on here, I have started K2 and magnesium with the Vitamin D the GP gave me, taken 2 lots of the weekly Vitamin D and do feel less fatigued, but all the aches are still there - could just be early days I suppose and may just be that, but with the family history and symptoms / link with thyroid and low vitamin D, I think I just want to know I am not pursuing something in my head!! I am thinking get a Medichecks test, then can look at things again, consider other supplements and yet another GP visit?

Thanks so much for any advice, sorry for the long post!

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Thank you, I appreciate it

I will, thank you :)

I would concentrate on vitamins etc at the moment. 4 things help our thyroid to work better so get Vit D, B12,folate and ferritin tested. Post on here when you get the results and ranges for comments. They need to be optimal not just in range.

Having family member on thyroid meds is useful to tell GP when the time comes to discussing your thyroid again.

2opal5 in reply to silverfox7

Thank you very much, I will do

D'you know, I have no idea haha! But will have a look at them

Ah i see! Thankyou!

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