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Help with blood results, Palpitations, neck pain and yellow skin


Hi All.

I haven’t posted for a while as My mother died and I had a lot to deal with, but what it has shown me, is that I want to get my health on track . This is my latest blood results from back in May before Mum got I’ll. I am still getting these palpitations or strong beats of my heart although taking 75mg Levo. Sometimes I am fine and feel like I can take on the world then other days I am very weary. My skin is still slightly yellow, which leads me to think that maybe I am under medicated or need T3. But that's not what the blood test say. I have also started getting a few stabbing type pains and aches in the right side of my neck/throat no w and again??? I have also not been taking my supplements regularly (but regular with my Thyroid med) over the last few months and some of my results have gone down maybe because of that). and are probably further reduced now. But I did stop B12 as it was very high in the previous blood tests. I have been doing a lot of reading and Dr Lowes transcripts are very informative and am thinking of trying Thyroid-Gold- Has anyone here been using it?

I am still gluten, Soya and Dairy free.

Blood test form Blue horizon. Who also suggested:- "This is a hyperthyroid result (overactive thyroid gland). The high Free T4 and low thyroid stimulating hormone level, are indicative. You may have symptoms – including weight loss, rapid heart rate, sweating and anxiety, amongst others. If you are already taking thyroxine medication, you could be taking too much and downward dose adjustment may be in order. I advise you to contact your usual doctor to discuss these thyroid function test results".

Taken 5/5/18


TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 119 nmol/L9 (59 - 154)


FREE THYROXINE * 22.5 pmol/l 12.0 - 22.0

FREE T3 4.9 pmol/L 3.1 - 6.8



Thyroglobulin Antibody 33.5 IU/mL 0-115

Method used for Anti-Tg: Roche Modular

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 12.1 IU/mL 0 - 34

Method used for Anti-TPO: Roche Modular

Blood test taken

4/5/18 at DRS

TSH-----0.03 mu/L 9(0.3 – 5 )

FT4-----15.1 (7.9 -16 )

FT3-----5.7 (3.8 – 6.0)

VItD----78nmol (50 – 150)

B12---- 874ng (120 – 900)

Ferritin ---83ng/ml (15 – 300)

Folate-----11.4ug/l (2.5 – 9,999)

Haemoglobin concentrate ---130 g/l (111.0 – 165.0)

Total white blood count -----4.4 10*9/L --(4 – 11)

Platelet count----------------- 204 10*9/L-(150 – 400)

Red blood cell count--------- 4.13 10*12/L- (3.8 – 5.8)

Mean cell haemoglobin------31.5pg (27 – 320

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Very sorry for your loss. It must have been a tough, sad and stressful time for you

Your vitamin D is a little low, also folate. So supplementing vitamin D regularly and adding a good quality daily vitamin B complex might both help

Interesting how different the FT3 results are, yet just a day apart.

HI. Sorry for the delay, accessing from work and don't work Wednesday. Both these blood draws were taken on the same day (must have had a bit of brain fog when I was typing them in as could not remember then). I took the blue Horizon one with me when I went for the NHS one and they were happy to do it at the same time and no charge either. so both taken 9:00am in morning with fasting and no Meds taken until after. (Blue horizon taken first)

Just checked my blood test print out and Serum free triiodothyronine level was

5.7 pmol/L (3.8 - 6.0) from the NHS. is that FT3?

in reply to zowiebean

Yes 5.7 FT3 - that's a very good result

Your FT4 is good, so unless you feel over medicated your levels look pretty good

Looks like you just need to improve vitamins a bit and that will help use thyroid hormones, possibly lowering FT4 and FT3 a bit

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results

Thanks SlowDragon. Will get back taking the vit's more regularly now and remember to stop supplements 5 days before my next draw.

But It is rather strange that both tests were taken from the same blood draw and yet there is a difference in the FT3 results. I know the ranges are slightly different but not that much really.

in reply to zowiebean

I agree - very odd

Just a query re results: Two tests taken within one day of each other, but same time of day! Same conditions eg 24 hrs without levo, fasting? Checking because second thyroid results, doctor's,were great, and you certainly did not need T3 with such a good FT3 result. Sorry to hear about your mother, must have been very sad and stressful time for you, so this, plus that you admit you haven't been taking your supplements etc, might mean your current results would not be so great, so might be worth re taking them now 3 months on. Your Vit / min levels needed some improvement back in May: folate appears to have an odd range at 2.5- 9,999 ug/l ... is this a typo and should read 2.5. - 50 or thereabouts? Folate should be halfway thru range so needs checking, I would expect that to be about 25 ug/l. Ferritin was ok, tho if still menstruating needs to be 100-130; Vit D ok , but better 100-150; B12 good just right at top of range.

Hi Judithdalston. Accessing from work PC and not at work yesterday.

Got confused about days of Blood draw as a while back now and what with everything that was happening, it just slipped my brain fogged mind. But Both these draws were taken on the same day. I took the blue Horizon one with me when I went for the NHS one and they were happy to do it at the same time and no charge either. Both taken 9:00am in morning with fasting and no Meds taken until after. (Blue horizon taken first)

Serum free triiodothyronine level was

5.7 pmol/L (3.8 - 6.0) from the NHS.

Just check Print out and Serum folate level (42U5)---is 11.4ug/L (ranges are as stated 2.5 -999.0). which is a big range really!!!

I am 57 and have a coil fitted so going through Menapause too. Which is what my Dr puts everything down to. I don't think my Dr will be that happy to retest my blood just yet either. But have to go see her soon as I will need the coil removed as it has been 5 years since fitted and about the pains in my neck, which I have read could be due to over medicated with thyroid hormone. It's a battle, with one thing or another.

Yes as SlowDragon has said FT3 good...just try to get optimum vits/ mins.

Hi sorry to hear about your loss - you should really talk to your gp about how it influenced the way you feel as bereavement can be a shock for the body not just the psyche. As for Soya also please check this with your doctor but I actually read it has detrimental effects in how your system metabolises the thiroxine. Well all good hopes!

Hi Raffaraffa. Yes I don't think you realise how much stress your body is under when things like this happen especially as I was almost living at the hospital for a week. and then all the arrangements fell to me too. Yes, I too read about Soya and cut it out from my diet straight away last year. so I am Gluten Soya and Dairy free too.

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