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Advice please!


Hi guys

My health really hasnt been great this year, I switched from levothyroxine to NDT which has definitely helped a little but I just havent felt optimised all year. Most recently I have had 2 colds in a month, the first was fine, I took it easy and was better in 5 days, the 2nd I have had for 2 weeks. The cold symptoms have gone but I am still sinusy with a sore throat on and off, headachey and feeling absolutely exhausted, its getting me down, I have barely left the house in 2 weeks and get out of breath and shaky just walking up the stairs.

My last blood tests were done nearly 7 weeks ago, but I only changed up my NDT 10 days ago to 2 grains per day (one around 6am and one at 12noon) as I think I was under medicating (last blood tests tsh level was 5 point something even though I was feeling much better than on levo)

I have also been taking really high dose of B1 and B12 for nearly a week now as I read that might help with energy levels but it hasn't made a difference.

I am thinking of stopping the B vits today as I heard it can interfere with thyroid blood tests and then getting my bloods done Tue/Weds next week.

My question is, do you think its wise to get my bloods done when I'm feeling under the weather or should I just keep taking the B vits for another week and get my bloods done the week after.

I'm not sure if the illness is lingering because I'm under medicated or for a different reason! The blood tests are expensive so I dont want to get them done if its going to be a waste of time.

Here are my tests from before - 3rd May 2018

Thyroid FunctionTHYROID STIMULATING HORMONE *5.23 mIU/L 0.27 -4.20

FREE THYROXINE *9.610 pmol/L 12.00 -22.00

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) *53.0 nmol/L 59.00 -154.00

FREE T3 3.37 pmol/L 3.10 -6.80



Vitamins ACTIVE B12 65.200 pmol/L 25.10 -165.00

FOLATE (SERUM) 10.38 ug/L 2.91 -50.0025 OH

VITAMIN D 68.7 nmol/L 50.00 -200.00

Inflammation Marker CRP -HIGH SENSITIVITY 0.45 mg/l 0.00 -5.00Iron Status

FERRITIN 97.2 ug/L 13.00 -150.00

Any advice greatly appreciated :)

Hayley x

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Your thyroid results show you are undermedicated, your FT3 should be 5 or above ; with combo NDT you don't neceassrily need to worry about other results. I presume although this result has good antibody levels that they have been off in the past ie you are Hashimoto's, and could have poor gut absorption. This might account for your poor vit/ min levels: B12 needs to be at least 450, if not over 500; D3 might be better 100-150, folate at least halfway thru range ie 27 +, and ferritin is ok though it is recommended 100-130 for menstruating women. Improving those would improve thyroid health but also stop you getting, or having colds etc for so long. Other vits/ mins might be worth adding eg magnesium, zinc, vitC , selenium etc. Are you paying for blood tests - if you are I'd wait a few weeks and start improving the Vit/ mins, get rid of your bug ( being a diabetic I can tell that illness does effect my blood sugars and possibly other things therefore). Yes B vits should be stopped 3/4 days before full blood tests. I notice you only upped your NDT 10 days ago so you should wait 4 or so weeks to test thyroid results anyway.

Thanks for your help Judith :)

Yes my antibodies have been much higher in the past so that is one thing I was grateful for in my recent testing, I have been following a ketogenic diet for nearly a year and it seems to be helping that side of things. Thanks for advising as to the vit/min levels, I have been taking much more B1 and B12 recently and doubled my vit D dosage so hopefully that will help and I will hold off for longer to do the re-tests as I do pay for them to be done privately (as most of us seem to have to on here!)

Thanks again!

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