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Blood results I need your advice please !!!

Here we are my blood results could someone comment on them please :

Iron 19.4 umol /L (5.8-34.5)

Ferritin 74.71 ug /L ( 15-150)

Free t4 13.5pmmol /L. (12.0-22.00)

Free t3. 4.2 pmol /L. ( 3.1-6.8 )

TSH. 5.2 (0.27-4.2)

Vitamin b12 828ng. (197-771)

Vitamin d 114.1 nmol /L >50

Vitamin E is on a lower side don’t know if I should supplement those too...!?

Currently on NDT 1/4 and 1/4 and on Adrenavive ii 1 capsule n keep increasing after two weeks same as 1/4 nDT upping every couple of weeks .Its been a slow process I know I can’t have massive results straight away.my bowels started to move a bit so progress is there .Having probiotics prebiotics.Trying to sort my adrenals too.kidney liver and gallbladder cleans and flush is next week so I hope I will see some great results and parasite cleans is planned too straight after.

Any comments on blood tests?

Went to gp about my hissing in my ears -he checked ears and couldn’t see anything said that will reffer me to the nouse ear and throat specialist. What it could be ? Low iron? Adrenals or hypothyroidism symptom? It’s been there for 7 month and gone worse a bit 😞

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Keep going with dose increase as Tsh is still a little high. It's usually better nearer to 1.0. Ear problem could be a range of things so good to get it investigated. It might improve when on right dose of levo if mo obvious cause found. Vitamins look good but no folate result? Ensure folate rich diet. You need a little every day as it's not stored in your body.


First of all thanks for your reply. Folate says on the sheet

Serum folate >20 ug /L. (3.9-26.8) Not a clue what it means.

I take Vit D 3000 iu a day

Vitamin b complex high potency 1 capsule every two days

Folic acid 400

Omega 3 2 capsules a day

Vitamin c 2-3G a day

Iron sashets 15mg a day

All I know my neuropath told me I have also rt3.


Does this B complex have folic acid in or folate?

Do you supplement magnesium or vitamin K2 Mk7?


Vitamin b complex has folic acid init not folate!

I do use magnesium spray oil every evening 20 sprays which is 400 units daily.I don’t supplement with k2 and mk7-what are these!? If I use 3000iu vitamin d how much should I take of them ? I heard that people use Vit D with vit k2 but not sure why and what are doses so u have a good ratio of both of them !?


Ears (tinnitus) can be low B12 (despite apparent high levels of B12)


Are you supplementing just B12, or B complex as well, or instead?

You might want to test Active B12, MMA and homocysteine


What is folate level and ferritin level

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I posted folate and ferritin levels Slow Dragon have a look please my lovely .I supplement vitamin b high potency complex including vit b12 as cyanocobalamin 250ug ,vit b12 as methylocobalamin 250ug, pantothenic acid 50mg, niacin 50mg, vitamin b6 20mg, riboflavin b2 20mg,thiamin b1 20mg, choline bitartrate 8mg, inositol 20mg, PABA 20mg, Biotin 200ug, Folic acid 200ug-it is called High twelve B -complex B12 by Viridian.i take after two days one capsule.

I also realised that I have twitching muscles sometimes in my leg sometimes in my arm -why is that like this? Any clues?


Yes my reply crossed with yours answering most of the questions!

Suggest next B complex you get choose one with folate in. Eg Igennus Super B complex

Folate and folic acid are not the same and some people have trouble processing folic acid


Muscle twitching can be Low magnesium. Lots of info on the web.

Perhaps try so magnesium supplements rather than skin spray?

Tinnitus is linked to B12 issues, which are common when hypo. If it's getting worse full Active B12, MMA and homocysteine may reveal more, but it's not cheap at £100 plus

Vitamin K2 Mk7 is a particular form of K2, its supposed to help increased calcium levels from vitamin D supplementing to help send calcium into bones (not arteries)




So it means if I buy just folate than I can bin the folic acid as it is not the best of the options?


A vitamin B complex with folate in, yes


Thanks :)


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