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Tsh results and antibodies -Please advice !

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Hello everyone ,

Well...what a jorney it has been phew!! I have found a very great nutritionist ( the first one I had was doing things a bit harsh like liver cleans etc found it a bit extreame lol) well...I been working on my adrenals for many month and iam currently on a Adrenavive II 1/4 morning 1/4 afternoon which works for me very great (I need small amount ) .Now I am on 1/4 ndt and 1/4ndt for two month more to be honest tweaking here and there .my tsh is 2.07mU/L (0.27-4.2) t4 13.7 pmol/ L ( 12.0-22.0) t3 -4.2pmol (3.1-6.8) my TPO 257.1iu/ml (0-34) . I have dropped TPO in four month from 907 to 257 by dietry changes etc . My question is what should I do should I add another 1/4 for 4-6 weeks and see what it does to my thyroid? I have started a new program with my nutritionist liver support suppliments vit minerals etc .i have done comprehensive Gi stool test which cost me £350 through Genova to roll out gut issues and did urine test £360 which will show everything about antioxidants minerals vitamins etc. Waiting for results now as it takes 17-21 days to come back . Please any advices.i have cut gluten and dairy what else should I cut or change in my lifestyle so my antibodies would go more down? pLEASe help!!!!I would be happy for any any advice towards betterment !

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Others with diagnosed thyroid conditions can answer some of your points better than I. But, in terms of overall wellbeing (which I believe could/should enhance recovery from many conditions including thyroid), I applaud your efforts re gut checks and dietary changes - which will no doubt need tweaking after you have full test results. Your results to-date seem very good.

A tricky issue in my experience (and maybe yours?) is how long to continue with your nutritionist. If she/he is helping, probably best to retain rather than DIY.

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Ari3 in reply to userotc

Thank you so much for your reply and positivity. have you got Hashimotos and how u are dealing with it u seeing nutritionist? What tests did u do and suppliments?any ideas expierences and suggestions of how to decrease antibodies would be appreciated x

I will continue with my nutritionist all the time I think as Iam very satisfied with her as long as she is doing her job!

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userotc in reply to Ari3

No I've never been diagnosed with hashimotos and indeed my antibodies were very low (I think we communicated previously about that?). In fact I've never been diagnosed with a thyroid problem but my thyroid readings were once compromised as an indication that my whole system was out of whack. I'm not recovered yet but thyroid figures better than they were e.g. TSH normally 1-2 but recently 0.3.

I believe my protocol (idiet, supplements etc) will help my system recover - even if I had thyroid problems. Again I think I disclosed protocol detailso to you but otherwise let me know.

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Ari3 in reply to userotc

Yes please send me your protocol details would be apriciated !

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userotc in reply to Ari3

Hi Ari

Diet is a key factor and mine is essentially autoimmune paleo ie AIP, including free from dairy and gluten. Other components include meditation and some exercise (on/off due to injury) as well as a more positive mindset.

I supplied much more detail in a private message to you 2 months ago but cannot find it. To save time, could you please PM it back to me so I can send on to Kazbe privately as she has separately requested it?

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Kazbe in reply to userotc

Hi userotc

Just reading through your post that’s great news that you have managed to control your symptoms and work towards your recovery with the protocol diet :)

I would be so interested and grateful if you could share the details with me . I am currently reading the root cause and looking at many dietary changes and supplements to help with my recovery as I don’t seem to feel very well on medications !

I’m gluten free and almost diary free but I love cheese ! I’m finding hard to deny myself of some favourite foods but needs must I will have to be strict with myself .

Take care and keep well


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userotc in reply to Kazbe

Ive private messaged details to you Kazbe. Best Regards

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Kazbe in reply to Ari3

Hi Ari3

Glad you are doing much better you sound like you have worked really hard and good news about the nutritionist it must be such a relief once you know what is going on inside your body , and you can make positive changes which are obviously working towards you be well again:) good luck with your journey I’m so pleased for you .

Take care

Kazbe x

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Ari3 in reply to Kazbe

Thank you so much but Iam more concerned about you...what are ur lab results and your thyroid antibodies .what changes have u made so far ?

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Ari3 in reply to Kazbe

Kazbe u replied me but when I press on your reply I can’t find it ?! U mentioned about ur tsh can u re pm me this answer privately

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Ari3

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