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finding a good endo


hi all - me again!

I have had some wonderful advice from the forum recently based on blood test results and I have started taking supplements to try and get my B12, vit D etc up as they are all a bit low. I am doing this with the hope that I will be able to take t3 soon (need to get my vit levels sorted first). My only problem is that I would need to do this on my own as I have yet to find a decent doctor or Endo who will look past my "in range" blood tests and look at my symptoms. I have seen posts with very similar results to mine and they have been diagnosed as hashimotos and prescribed t3 / t4. I am wondering whether anyone can pm me the name of an endo they trust that I could see privately? I have all the blood tests (copied again below) but so far I have seen 2 seperate endo's and 4 drs and no one will help me (except to offer antidepressants). I am just really, really nervous of going alone with the t3. I live in the south of England but I'll travel if I have to. I know there is a list of drs available from thyroid UK but I am getting the impression I need an endo rather than a dr. Is that correct?

Any advice, experiences etc would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to say that this forum is amazing. To have somewhere to talk where people will actually listen and give advice from experience is just invaluable when you feel like you have no where to turn.

Thank you all.

TSH - 1.94 (0.27 - 4.2)

FT4 - 18.1 (12 - 22)

FT3 - 3.9 (3.1- 6.8)

RT3 - 23 (10 - 24)

Thyroglobulin anti - 139 (0-115)

Peroxidase anti - 144 (0.34)

Active B12 - 56 (25.1 - 165)

Folate - 8.49 (2.91 - 50)

vit D - 43 (50 - 200)

Ferritin - 42.8 (13 -150)

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Hi Val88,

I have similar results as you and have also seen a whole bunch of Dr's and Endo's who also told me there was nothing wrong with me as I was 'in range' despite the fact that I have so many symptoms, and like you was told I just need antidepressants as I'm not 'happy' with my current state of health. I have now found a Dr of Functional Medicine who instantly told me that I am not 'optimal' and I am now receiving some help. Try searching for one of these rather than an Endo. Good Luck!

swkenzie in reply to Bearski

hi! can you pm me details of you dr of functional medicine please - has anyone else tried this type of doctor? thanks!

Bearski in reply to swkenzie

If you google 'Dr of functional medicine London' or whatever your area is loads will come up then see which one you think fits your needs from their site. I've only recently started seeing one so I can't comment on how effective it is at this stage but at least I'm not being told I just need anti-depressants! I've also started seeing a Nutritionist which is helping a lot.

swkenzie in reply to swkenzie

thank you

There is room for an increase of medication but also your FT3 is lowercin its range than your FT4 so you are not converting well. Your vitsetc need addressing. Look at SeasideSusie's postsforcrecommended levels and how to supplement. Hopefully that will address your conversion problems but it can take time depending on how low things are.

Hello Val

I’m so sorry you are having this experience & it sounds so similar to my own especially the anti-depressants. Your RT3 is high and that’s going to make you feel quite poorly. It suggests that you aren’t converting t4 to t3 efficiently. I was unable to find helpful Endo so resorted to self medication after reading paul Robinson’s book “recovering with t3”. T3 isn’t for faint hearted and it takes a big commitment in terms of monitoring yourself. I have problems converting. You should feel better once you drag those vitamins up a bit higher.

Love Val

Thank you all so much - I really appreciate your advice. I have been taking B12, vit D etc for just over a week now and I think it is starting to make a difference. The last 2 days have been good(can't remember the last time I said that!) - I still ache and am tired with joint pain etc but the anxiety and depressed mental state have almost completely gone!!! I am really hoping this is not a coincidence and that it will continue. What astounds me is I have been seeing different drs and endos for 5 years and not one of them mentioned possibly increasing my vitamin B12 or D! If this what has made the difference for me, and if it continues, I plan to visit every one of the drs again to enlighten them!!! T3 is on the horizon which will hopefully help with the other symptoms but I'll keep going with vitamins etc for a while. Thank you again

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