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Help with Results please


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism around 10 years ago and have bee taking 100g of thyroxine. I don't think I have ever felt completely well and continued to have symptoms, struggled with my weight and was always very tired but thought this was something I had to put up with as the dr always said mt blood results were ok. However about a year ago I started to feel much worse especially brain fog and started to research on the internet about 6 months ago. Thankfully I came across this website and have taken a lot of advice and went to the dr asking for more blood tests including T3 and vit D. It turned out that my Vit D was 30 and T3 4.6 (range 4.3 - 8.1). Dr put me on 50,000 dose weekly vit D for 6 weeks and said she will review other results then.

I went back to different dr 8 weeks later but the lab wouldn't test for T3 and vit D was 85 (over 50 adequate) Tsh 0.04 (0.5--5.0) and free thyroxine 20.2 (10-25). The receptionist phoned and said I should reduce my dose and put me on 800 vit D. I have ignored this advice so far and decided to get private blood test and then get some advice from you before going back to the first doctor I went to and try to possibly get referred to endo if needed.

My results from blue horizon were:

TSH 0.2. (0.27-4.2)

T4 Total 112.9 (64.5-142)

Free T4 17.16 (12-22)

Free T3 3.74 (3.1-6.8)

Vitamin D (25 OH). 62 (Insufficient 25-50)

Vitamin B12. 314. (Insufficient 140-250)

Serum Folate. 23.11. (8.83-60.8)

CRP 3.8. (<5.0)

Ferritin. 93.6. (20-150)

Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs 14.7. ( <34 )

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs. 11. (<115)

Any advice

Greatly received. Thanks

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I suspect your GP wants you to reduce dose because your TSH was suppressed. It really wasn't necessary because FT4 was within range and not even high in range and FT3 was low in range. Some patients need FT4 high or even mildly over range to feel well and this will suppress TSH. Read Treatment Options in Email if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.

Your BH TSH is low but not suppressed, FT4 is mid range and FT3 is low in range. If you reduce dose FT4 and FT3 will drop lower.

VitD is optimal around 100 so you need to continue supplementing.

B12 is low in range. If you have symptoms of B12 deficiency ask for advice on the PAS forum before supplementing

Folate is good.

Ferritin is good.

Thyroid antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).


you seem to have problems converting t4 into t3

you may find that synthetic levothyroxine is not right for you

its possible you will need to switch to NDT if you are 2 feel well


Can I get NDT prescribed by the GP?


a few GPs will prescribe NDT but they are very very rare


Thanks. I'll ask. If not I'll ask to be referred to an endo. I'm fed up with feeling like this.


theres precious few endos worth wasting your time or money seeing

tell us which county your in and we might know who you could seek a referral to

on NHS it tends to take 6 months so meantime you nedd to follow through with what you have been told on here


I live in the Channel Islands. I think there is only one endo here and not sure what he is like but must be worth a try. Otherwise I would have to travel to the UK and go private but that may be worthwhile if it doesn't work out.

If I'm not converting maybe I need to take T3 and the other option would be to self medicate as a lot of people do on this forum but I'd like to find a good endo before that if possible.


Hi Clutter

I'll get a copy of the pulse article and I'll check out the PAS forum.

Do you think 800 daily vit D supplement is enough? I was thinking of getting a high dose as it went up from 30 to 85 over 6 weeks but has since gone down to 62 with the low dose. I've tried to get out in the sun as much as possible too. It takes such a long time to make a difference and just want to feel ok.

Should I ask my GP to increase my T4? Would that also increase the T3 or do I need to take T3 as well?




I think you need 5,000iu D3 for 6 weeks and can then reduce to 5,000iu alternate days and retest in August.

Show your GP the Pulse article and ask for your dose to be reinstated to whatever it was before it was reduced.


I'll get some 5,000iu as you suggest. I thought of doing so but wanted to check here first. It seems to be such a fine balance of everything to become well.

I haven't reduced my dose yet. I've been on 100mg for some years but he recently wanted me to reduce after my TSH went lower but I haven't and that's why I had the private test to include T3 and now I will go back to GP with full results and any advice from this forum.

I feel that I have suffered for years unnecessarily without proper investigations. I feel a bit stupid but I had no idea about vit D until recently or that I could get private tests. there is so much I don't know about my health and I'm hoping I can get better informed to feel well again.




Hopefully your GP will agree to continue prescribing 100mcg.


Hi Kezal, when you are taking d3 you need to take k2 and magnesium too. The k2 sends the calcium from the d3 to your teeth and bones instead of accumulating in the blood and causing problems. I can't remember what the mag. is for but it is supposed to help too. Look on facebook for

Vitamin d deficiency uk and get loads of advice.

Jo xx


Hi Jo. I don't do Facebook but my daughter does so will check it out with her. In the meantime I've googled it and will be ordering K2 and magnesium tonight on amazon. It maybe the reason why my Vit D isn't going up as much as it should.

This is what came up when looking for magnesium:

"Magnesium is an important mineral involved in over 300 different processes in the body, including the ability to make and use ATP, the body’s main form of energy.

Of those 300 roles, magnesium aids in a handful of activities related to vitamin D production and use. In particular, it seems to modulate the sensitivity of our tissues to vitamin D.

Not only does magnesium play an important role in proper Vitamin D activity and function, but crucially, it also helps to maintain calcium balance"

So we definitely need this.

Thanks for your help x


I have now been referred to the endocrine clinic and waiting for a date. However I have had a letter from my present GP (of 4 years) who says that the lab result was borderline low TSH and normal T4. The note from my previous GP (who unfortunately died 4 years ago) says I had high TSH start T4. She goes on to say that if anything I had borderline overactive rather than under active.

I am taking 100 T4 since 2004 and if I was overactive wouldnt my T4 and T3 be much higher?

It doesn't make sense and as I have read on this forum the TSH seems to be the most important thing.

Can anyone shed light on this?



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