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Some Good News!

Thanks to the advice given by members of this forum went back to my GP - well actually another GP in the practice who I've never seen before. He was recommended by friends as someone who listens, and bingo! Agreed, upon listening to my symptoms, to test for vit D, B12, folate, ferritin, iron, plus a test of my female hormones (I'm 48), which no one has agreed to do before. Said then, if results not conclusive, will refer me to an Endocrinologist as "rarely, but sometimes, people have a problem with conversion to T3 and you may need specialist help". Nearly fell off my chair. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who got back to me and empowered me to try again. Still have to wait for blood test and then analysis after but at least something is happening. We all need to keep fighting. This community helps you to do that and informs you. Don't give up.

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Woohoo! I love reading stories like this,gives me hope that there are good doctors out there. Which part of the country do you live in? Let us know what your results are when you get them. Hope you;ll get to the bottom of it with this doctor.


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Hi chihiro

I live in North West Norfolk. All Gp's been a struggle up till today. I have Hashi's and also MS. He seems to be an educated GP as got the connection with autoimmune diseases and low vitamin levels, especially Vit D. Think I have been left to suffer longer than necessary, as are so many others on here, but just wanted to let people know that there is hope. Although we don't we feel like it cos of the nature of our illness, we have to get educated and fight. And support each other. Glad I gave you a bit of hope xx

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Good for you, you took matters into your own hands, took advice from your friend and from people on here and acted apon it. Well done and I hope you stick with your new GP as he sound like a gem of a man, wish more doctors were as knowledgable as he is about thyroid illness - I dont think most even know about conversions problems let alone admit to them.

I tried four GP's at my surgery before I got the right one.

Well done again and I think you owe your friend a nice big glass of wine.lol.

Moggie x


It makes such a difference when your GP/endo listen to you. Well done. Getting my vitD, folate & B12 up has made a considerable improvement. I'm good in range now but will continue supplementing until the sun comes out and gives me a natural boost. T3 in addition to T4 has made a big difference too.


That IS good news. I am right down in the south of Lincolnshire - nearly into Lynn - so I would be VERY interested in which Endo you see, as mostly North West Norfolk is where I go for much of the time, for shopping, for pleasure - and the hospital.

I am very impressed with your GP.

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Whoot! xx


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