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Do I have thyroid / adrenal problems?

I'm male and early 20s with a few symptoms that have persisted for about 8 years. Chronic fatigue, voice problems, low stamina, low libido, brain fog and more recently memory problems.

Some mild vitamin deficiencies showed up last year (B12, D, Folate) but they have come back within range and I still don't ever feel great. I now supplement with a liquid iron, B12 and folic acid twice a day and vitamin D once a day.

My most recent blood test is as follows (haven't listed everything, but let me know if you need any particular result that should be part of it)

TSH - 2.94 (0.27 - 4.2)

FT4 - 18.03 (12 - 22)

Cortisol (10am) - 105 (166 - 507)

Folate - 5.4 (3.9 - 26.8)

Basophils - 0.30 (0.02 - 0.10)


B12 - 352

Iron - 15 (6 - 34.5)

TIBC - 46 (45 - 70)

Ferritin - 93.9 (30 - 400)

UIBC - 31 (20 - 62)

Magnesium - 0.89 (0.70 - 1.00)

Vitamin D - 122.8

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Hi Guy, yes you have something going on. Your levels are low even though in range and your TSH is slightly high. Your FT4 is not bad so it may be a problem in converting to FT3 which is the active form of thyroid hormone. Did you get an FT3 result?

Did your doctor say anything in regard to the Basolphils? I think they have something to do with immune function. Immune conditions are often triggered by gluten or dairy or a virus like Epstein-Barre. Any inflammatory condition is going to affect the brain as well.

Cortisol should be very high in the morning and as you can see yours is not even in range. Your adrenals produce cortisol which starts revving up around 4 a.m. A 4 part saliva test would give you a better idea of what condition your adrenals are in. Do you have other adrenal symtoms?


It may not be your thyroid but some other autoimmune problem. stopthethyroidmadness.com/l...

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Thank you. The doctor has not yet commented. If they don't think there's anything wrong I will get further tests.

From that list I have many of them, including hypoglycemic episodes, pounding heart, coffee making me tired etc.

I have the option of a thyroid profile which includes TSH, TT4, FT4, FT3 and antibodies which is cheap. Or the same check plus RT3 for an extra £100! How necessary is the RT3, or will the profile without it be enough?


It would be good to have the TSH, FT4 and FT3. Total T4 (TT4) isn't necessary. That would give you an idea of what's going on. If their is a huge discrepancy between the T4 and T3, you can assume you are not converting well and so the T4 is turning into reverse T3. That means you aren't getting much of the active thyroid hormone.

Are you seeing a conventional doctor? I'm afraid they know little about autoimmune diseases. Many of us have just watched about 9 hours of instruction from functional doctors explaining autoimmune conditions from Parkinson's to Hashimoto's and they all have something in common and those are antibodies so getting the TPO and TG would give you some idea whether your thyroid is being attacked. Autoimmune problems tend to spread and there are several brain antibodies as well. This almost always stems from the gut called the Second Brain. Grain Brain is another book that ties things together. The standard diet is not good because your body prefers fat as fuel, certainly your brain which is 60% fat needs it and we've gone all sugar and gluten.

I don't know much about hypoglycemia but presume it's too many of the above. Insulin resistance makes it difficult to lose weight and the brain can suffer from insulin resistance as well and the word they are using is Type 3 Diabetes. This is becoming much more prevalent with Alzheimers and Autism on the rise. Toxins are also a huge problem mainly plastics and glyphosate. Mercury is also complicit between fillings and vaccinations and fish it is becoming extremely hard to stay healthy.

I don't think your doctor is going to even mention these things and the drugs they have come up with are not effective against these dietary odds. If you are willing to make some lifestyle changes, that will go further than anything else. Keep asking questions here.

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Thank you, I'm waiting on my GP to take it further otherwise I'll go private.

I checked my old blood tests from the past few years. My TSH always used to be 0.9 - 1.0 and my basophils were always 0 - 0.1

Now my TSH is 2.94 and basophils 0.3 (range is 0 - 0.1) ... with low cortisol.

My folate has also always been on the low end of the range after looking at all my old results too... Despite eating tons of vegetables and now supplementing too...


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