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NDT should I increase dose or wait?


Happy New Year to all and thank you to everyone on this site who have given their time selflessly to help people, like me, who are struggling to understand their condition.

I am now on NDT and feel a lot better than a year ago. I've now managed to increase my Naturethroid to 2 grains taken x3 through the day.

After Christmas, I had a bad spell where I have aches in my joints, my sleep isn't great, brain fog is bad, tinnitus increased a lot and generally lower mood. Also, I have had a new symptom that whenever I eat anything I can feel the acid working in my stomach, not painful but I am aware of it.

I supplement Vit D and K, Selenium, Zinc, Iron, Vit C, Magnesium, Iron and Vit C.

One of my main problems is that I find it hard to take supplements at the right time as I split my NDT three times through the day. Any suggestions how to time it?

Also, should I increase my NDT given I am symptomatic or should I wait on 2 grains for 7 weeks and get blood tests done? Currently been on this dose for 2 weeks.

I am gluten free and have replaced cows milk with goats milk in the last few days.

Hope someone can advise.

Thanks as always


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So, you started with all these symptoms a week into the 2 grain dose of NDT?


Yes, the symptoms that I mentioned worsened a few days into my starting the 2 grains. Prior to that I was feeling good except a little tired in the afternoon, hence the increase from 1.75 grains to 2 grains.


I have the same thing happen when I try to go from 2 grains to 2.5 grains, like my endo wants. Have you ever tried adding T3 to your 1.75 grains of NDT? That is what I ended up doing, and I feel better.


That's interesting. I haven't tried pushing up beyond 2 grains yet. I will try that first and if it doesn't work, I will speak to my endo about t3. So, your hypo symptoms increased when you tried to raise NDT?


Yes, hypo symptoms increased when I tried to raise NDT. I believe that over 2 grains my body increases the ratio of rt3 to t3 converted from t4. So I added t3 to avoid adding additional t4.


And did you lower NDT dose as you added T3? How did you know how much T3 to add? Thanks for your advice, makes sense to me.


No I did not lower my NDT. I had just had labs done and my t4 was just below range and my ft3 was at the very bottom of the range. I needed an increase, but I only increased t3. I added t3 slowly until I felt awake all day. I have added about 25 mcg t3.

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There's no need to split your doses of NDT and or T3 although I know some sites recommend it. If we split doses we don't have a normal life (if that's possible) due to having to fit in two or three separate doses, making sure our stomach is empty etc. etc. Instead of taking thyroid hormones and going about your everyday life normally. Also T3 has to saturate the T3 receptor cells and then the work of that single dose of T3 lasts between one to three days.

I shall give you a link which may be helpful and January 30, 2002 in particular.


All of his patients took one daily dose of T3 or NDT as he would never prescribe levothyroxine.

Go to the date July 5, 2000 in the following link and also the following question.:


July 5, 2000 web.archive.org/web/2010103...

Dr Lowe also advised increasing dose by 1/4 tablet every two weeks until symptom-free and reducing back by 1/4 if pulse/temp increased too much.

If hypothyroid we usually have low stomach acid and most of us add a digestive enzymes with meals or take some teaspoons of a good Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with juice or water.

Low acid and high acid symptoms are so similar doctors usually prescribe antacids when we need acid.


This is re stomach acid:



Thanks Shaws for your detailed reply. I will have a read and try and figure out my next steps.

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