winter increase in NDT?

Morning everyone. I hope you're going to have a good time this evening - whatever you're doing, and can I wish you all a happy - and healthy- new year.

I understand it is sometimes advisable to increase NDT during the winter. I've been on 2 grains since the spring and have felt 10 times better than on levo. However, I was feeling a return of symptoms so started to increase after posting on here about it. I have now increased to 2.5 grains per day.

Has anyone else done a 'winter increase' and by how much?

Thanks all xx

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  • I think it's fine to go by how 'you feel' and a small gradual increase is o.k. As you are at 2.5 grains and in a couple of weeks you still feel you need an increase I'd only go up by 1/4 grain at one time. You can then reduce back easily by 1/4 grain.

    (I am not medically qualified but believe that adjusting doses slightly is o.k.(up or down).

  • Dr Blanchard, usa doc and writer of some books on hypoT recommends this for all patients (T4 or NTH etc). Equally you can reduce in the summer. Depends on how you feel.

  • How far away from the equator do you have to be for summer and winter to be different enough to justify a change in dosing?

  • Not sure about distances. I am thinking southern france and up for the Northern section.

  • Yes, I always increase in winter, by quarter of a grain, but I'm going to try another quarter now as I'm not coping well this winter.

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