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Should I increase my NDT?

After a bit of advice please.

I started taking Thyroid S just over 5 weeks ago & have been following the STTM protocol (1 grain split into 2 doses per day, increase by 1/2 grain every 10-14 days as hypo symptoms return. Once hypo symtoms have ceased, hold the dose for 4-6 weeks and carry out bloods - adjust dose if necessary).

I'm now up to 2 grains a day and feeling much better but one thing that hasn't changed is my weight!

I see so many stories about people getting meds & this helping the weight loss. Mine is not budging I have a personal trainer 3 times a week who also looks after my nutrition too, plus I do a Pilates class & a yoga class each week.

My question/s is - should the weight be starting to move yet or does it take longer? Should I look at increasing my dose now I've been on 2 grains almost 2 weeks? Or do I need to add something else to my meds?

Not done bloods yet so not sure if levels. I've been supplementing for a while so all my vits were pretty ok before I began with the NDT.

Any advice gratefully received.

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I would stick with 2 grains for 6-8 weeks and retest before raising further.

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Hi J, 5 weeks is quite a short time for all the symptoms to disappear. Glad you are feeling better and have more energy. Thyroid hormones take a while to 'kick in'. I really like this article which explains how thyroid hormones work. Hope it helps.


Thank you - wasn't sure if I needed to wait a bit longer for the full effect. Will have a read of the article now.



Very, very good advice. Have printed and read again and again to curb my frustration!! Thank you.

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It took a while for me to shift my weight to any noticeable degree and cardio was definitely the key to doing so. The more cardio the more I burned off.

I was doing PT x3 & Pilates plus some additional running at the height this year. I felt so much better for it but all done gradually.

I am Carer to my mother who has Alzheimer's and it's been a bit busy with her care, winter arrived, not been able or felt like going to the gym and my weight has piled back on in a month. Almost as if my metabolism is needing that extra helping hand with the gym workouts.

Back to the gym Sunday for me!

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I would hold at that dose then test. Risking going hyper is not a good plan, trust me! I did that and it holds you up even further with basically having to drop down then slowly increase again.

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