Blood results advice - should I increase my NDT slightly?

Hi all,

With lots of help I am almost at optimal NDT dose. I just received back my latest results and could do with some advice.

Firstly my Vit B12 and Folate are low, so i will improve them through suplements - and thanks to other posts I have ordered 1000mg Vit B12 and 400g Folate.

I could do with some thoughts on my Thyroid results. I took my blood before my morning dose of NDT - and I am currently taking 2 1/4 grains a day.

FT4 - 14.46 range (12-22)

FT3 - 5.45 range (3.1 - 6.8)

Total T4 - 79.1 range (64.5 - 142)

TSH 0.02- range ( 0.27 - 4.20)

Do you think I can increase by a further 1/4 to improve my FT4 or would this be too much. Generally I am feeling better on my NDT, but I still get very tired. I did notice that on this dose that my temperature is finally improving, but also for the first time my sleep is disturbed.

I wondered if the disturbed sleep could be a hyper symptom, but I don't have any other hyper symptoms - and have only had heart palpitations on Levo.

I would really appreciate your thoughts

Many thanks


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  • How long have you been on 2 and a quarter grains? If it's been more than a month, then I'd say you could try raising a quarter, even another half grain and see how you go. You'll sense if it's too much for you pretty quickly, but if it helps and you suffer no ill effects you'll have your answer.

  • Thanks Jazzw,

    Yeah it's been over a month - so I will try another 1/4 and see how I feel.

    Thanks for the advice


  • Your results are almost the same as my last ones. If you still feel the need to increase then there is room to do so. I had problems increasing from 2 1/4 due to high cortisol, every time I tried I would get anxious. I took Holy Basil, got the anxiety under control and have now increased to 2 1/2. I am going to have some blood tests done again in a month and may possibly try going up to 2 3/4 depending on how I feel by then and what my FT3 is. Disturbed sleep could be cortisol problems, have you had a saliva test done?

  • That's interesting. No I haven't done the saliva test - do you know who does them? And what is the treatment if do have high cortisol?

    All the best with your next blood test



  • Genova do the test. If you go to the thyroid uk website there is info there regarding cortisol and testing. Also take a look at the Stop The Thyroid Madness website where there is also lots of info about cortisol and how to treat it. I took Holy Basil which seemed to work for me although I haven't had another test done my symptoms are much better.

    Nat x

  • Thanks Nat, I'll definitely look the test - anything that can help me feel better is worth exploring

  • Good long as we are going in the right direction eh?!

  • Hi Jazzw,

    Thanks for your advice.

    I have been cautious on this dose and have been taking it for 2 months now.

    I'll try another 1/4 as you suggest and see how I feel - if I feel ok, then I'll try another and then get some more bloods done

    Thanks again


  • Jacquie-Mac Are you taking a B Complex? It's not just folate you need, you need to balance all the B Vits and a B Complex covers that.

  • Thanks Susie, I have ordered individual B12 and Folic Acid - but will consider a B Complex next time. Out of interest when do you take yours? Monrning or evening?



  • Jacquie-Mac I take the B vits in the morning. They are supposed to be stimulating so it's best not to take them in the evening in case it disturbs sleep.

    When you look for a B Complex, get one with methylfolate. That's the natural, bioavailable form. Folic acid is synthetic and needs to be converted into folate by your body, we're not all good at that :)

  • Thanks Susie that's really helpful - I didn't know that folic acid was synthetic.

    Is it ok to take the B vits at the same time as the NDT, or is it best to space them part?



  • Jacquie-Mac No, you treat NDT the same as Levo, take it away from vits and mins. I take my Levo/T3 in the early hours of the morning when I get up for the loo, then go back to bed for a few hours. Saves all the hassle of timing. If I do happen to sleep through and take my Levo/T3 later, I leave at least an hour, take my Vit C, then potter about a bit, have breakfast and then my B Vits so I suppose it would be about 2 hours in that case. But I know NDT is usually taken in divided doses so it's not so easy.

  • Thanks - I can take it after breakfast, which is about 1,5hrs after I take my NDT.

    I also decided to take you advice on the B Compex and have ordered the Thorne Reasearch Basic B Complex

    Thanks again

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