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Blood Test Results

Blood Test Results

NOTE :- i've stopped from B12 Injection from week ago

Folic Acid in Serum 18.27ng/ML ( 3.1 - 20.5)

25(OH) Vitamin D 35.65ng/mL ( <20 Deficiency / 21-29 Insufficiency / 30-100 Sufficiency / Over 150 Hypervitaminosis )

Vitamin B12 >1000pg/mL (187-883)

Ferritin in Serum 59.3ng/mL (21.81-274.66)

Serum Calcium (Total) 10.3mg/dl (8.8-10.6)

Iron, Serum 108ug/dl (65-175)

any advice ?


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Folic acid in serum is usually caused folate. Level is good.

B12 is good but may be high because you were supplementing. What was B12 before you were injecting?

Its generally recommended ferritin should be >70-100 and optimal is...

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