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New Bloods/Lab Results, but not much change? What is going on here?

Hi All,

I am, as many know and have been kind help, titrating up on Nature Throid. I'm still on a low dose, 1.25g, taken in splits (upon rising I take 3/4g, and before bed, I take 1/2g).

My most recent AUGUST labs just came out and admittedly, they were taken in the afternoon (about 3pm), not fasting, and I hadn't fasted from iron supplements or biotin (I hear biotin can lower all labs). The doc offered to do the labs so I just went with it knowing I should be fasting. With that caveat, if you don't mind would you take a look below? I will be redoing them all under better conditions in the following week or so. Below August, I have listed July (basic thyroid panel only) for comparison).

Thank you all. Thank you.



August 18,2017 (at this point I was on 3/4g daily of Nature Throid)

TSH 1.60 (.45 - 4.5) uIU/mL

FT3 2.4 (2.0 - 4.4) pg/mL

rT3 12.5 (9.2 - 24.1) no/dL

FT4 .9 (.82 - 1.77) ng/dL

TPOab 11 (0 - 34) IU/mL

Tgab <1 (0.0 - .9)

Iodine 35.7 (40-92)

Vit d. 54.2 (30 - 100)

B12 1021 (211 - 946) pg/mL

Folate 3.8 (>3.0)ng/mL

DHEA 280.1 (57.3 - 279.2)ug/dL

Iron Panel

Ferritin 18 (15 - 150) ng/mL

TIBC 312 (250 - 450) ug/dL

SATURATION 27 (15 - 55)%

SERUM 83 (27-159) ug/dL

June 2017

Last basic thyroid labs (same range)

TSH 1.73

FT3 2.1

rT3 14.8

FT4 1.13

TPOab 15

Tgab <1

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Hi - unfortunately you can't directly compare TSH due to timing. Your ft3 shows you are still undermedicated, but your seriously low ferritin could leave you struggling to raise dose. That really needs to be supplemented, though as it has just squeezed into range, you may struggle with your GP over this. I am not familiar with optimum vit d levels for that sort of range but it could be a bit low? Also folate looks slightly low in comparison to b12. Do you supplement b12? If so are you taking a multi B complex to balance?



Thank you Gillian! I forgot about spacing the tsh. So I need more time to get a better gauge of tsh. Got it.

Yes, I'm low ferritin. I was 15, but even now at 18, that's not too much better. I'm taking supplements but I really would like my doc to do an IV infusion as I've been low in iron for years. Menstruation makes it a two steps forward three steps back kind of thing. He might do it. He's pretty calm and non ego driven, BUT just in case I just made a new appointment with a gynecologist that follows hormones, according to the online reviews. So I hope she will help wth the iron infusion, folate, and maybe even progesterone (mine is low).

No I haven't been supplementing b12. Although I take biotin in a significant daily dose of 30,000-40,000 mcg.

Of you don't mind my asking, you compare your folate to b12? What ratio so you look for?

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. It really helps. This site is my sole source and I appreciate your kind and thoughtful help.


Hi again - about the Tsh, what I meant was that, to properly compare, repeat tests need to be done at same time of day (ideally early morning) with the same food consumed conditions (ideally nothing but water since night before). This because Tsh fluctuates through the day, lowest in. Morning, and is lowered by eating.

On the ferritin, your GP really should be doing more, though hopefully gynae will help. Are you taking 1000 vit c with each iron tablet? 2 or 3 iron per day?

There isn't a defined ratio. Of folate to b12 as far as I am aware, but as the two. Work in partnership, it is better if they are at comparable levels. Your b12 is top of range - that is fine for hypos - but your folate is just over bottom of range. A multi B with methyl folate (I use Jarrows B right but there are others) could help this and ensure balance in Bs. I don't personally know anything about biotin.

I think most of us are in the same situation, we all find this site very helpful.

Good luck,


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Thank you so much Gillian! I understand, re TSH. Yeah that test was wayyyyy dissimilarly prepped then my others. I will ask him to give me the orders and I will have then drawn at a lab closer to my house, earlier n the day, and thereafter mimic conditions as best I can. I need t I write that down, for sure...

Yes I take 1,000C when I take the iron. I agree and I will get a hold of a multi B. I stopped taking it because my B12 is always so high I didn't know if that was dangerous or not. If read before that a b12 that's too high may indicate an absorption problem, but I don't know that to be true. Just something I read, and only once, that I recall.

My iron panel showed:

Saturation 27 (15 - 55%)

Ferritin 18 (15 - 150)

TIBC 312 (250 - 450)

Serum 83 (27 - 159)

I will ask him to give me the Infusion. I ordered ferrous iron as recommended here. And will start it as soon as it comes. I live I. Houston Texas, so nails been moving a little slow lately.

Thank you so much. I don't know anything about thebiton panel, so if you see anything off, would u please let me know?

Thank you so so so much for your kindness and your time. I appreciate you Gillian. ❤️

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