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Lab Results, taking Naturethroid-Comments Please

Hello all- I greatly appreciate your comments on recent labs given I meet with my doc Tuesday. I am in USA. 53 years old female dx hypothyroid 8/2016.

1/20/17 lab results taking Naturethroid 65mg daily

FSH 15.7 mIU/mL normal, normal range 4.7-21.5

Free T3 2.8 pg/mL normal, normal range 2.0-4.4

Rev T3 11.1 ng/dL normal, normal range 9.2-24.1

TSH 1810 uIU/mL normal, range 0.450-4.500

FreeT4 0.82 ng/dL normal, normal range 0.82-1.77

Ferritin 27 ng/mL normal, normal range 15-150

Cortisol 15.9 ug/dL normal, normal range 6.2-19.4

Symptoms: large hair fallout, weight gain, no weight loss ability, constipation, joints clicking, belly bloat, stomach churns/sounds, low appetite

12/9/16 labs taking 32.5 mg/day Naturethroid:

FSH 19.9 mIL/mL normal, normal range 4.7-21.5

Free T3 2.9 pg/mL normal, normal range 2.0-4.4

Rev T3 12.1 ng/dL normal, normal 9.2-24.1

TSH 2.700 uIL/mL normal, normal range 0.450-4.500

Free T4 0.98 ng/dL normal, normal range 0.82-1.77

No ferritin or cortisol data

Should I suggest time released T3? The increase in Naturethroid from 32.5mg/day to 65mg/day resulted in Free T3 dropping from 2.9-2.8 pg/mL. Optimal FreeT3 should be 3.2 which is 75th percentile. Ongoing symptoms listed persisted despite increase in dose.

No negative reaction from taking or increasing Naturethroid


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Well that's left me scratching my head! You have worked out where you should be and an increase isn't helping, quite the reverse. Are you splitting your dose at all? If not you could try that then see if you can increase very slightly.

The other scenario is that you are may be taking things near to your medication that is lessening the effect so your body isn't getting as much as you think it is or you took your medication before your blood tests.

Have a look on the Thyroid Uk site as there is a lot of information on does and donts and lots of other things of interest as well. There are lots of things doctors don't know or forget to tell you and it can be a minefield at first but shout out if you need anything explaining. Most of us supplement to feel good so you might need to get your folate, ferritin, B12 and Vit D tested as well as they help the Thyroid so much as well.

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Hi SF-Thank you for your help.

I see the reverse trend in t3 despite NT increase too.

1/20/17 labs taken in morning with no morning meds/supplements

I split my NT dose and take at least 1 hour before/after food/caffeine.

I take supplements at least 4 hours before/after NT

Supplements taken daily include B and D: probiotic, B12/BComplex, D3 5000, Biotin, Zinc.

Last night started taking Iron cocktail of ferrous fumarate 325mg/Vit C and L Lysine 500 mg-this combo increases iron absorption. Took this before last year to increase ferritin and it worked.


Ferritin is low so could help your tiredness if you supplement.

Have you had your antibodies tested? Symptoms could linked to Hashimotos if you have it and are not gluten,dairy,soy free.

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Hi Katepots-

They tested antibodies for 1st time on 1/20:

Anti DNA (Ds) Ab Qn 1IU/mL normal w normal range 0-9

Rnp antibodies <0.2 normal, w normal range 0.0-0.9

Smith antibodies <0.2 normal w normal range 0.0-0.9

Antiscleroderma 70 <0.2 normal w normal range 0.0-0.9

Sjogrens Ss-A <0.2 normal w normal range 0.0-0.9

Sjogrens Ss-B <0.2 normal w normal range 0.0-0.9

Antichromatin <0.2 normal w normal range 0.0-0.9

Anto Jo-1 <0.2 normal w normal range 0.0-0.9

Anti centromere B <0.2 normal w normal range 0.0-0.9

Eating gluten free.

Do these results indicate Hashimotos or other?

Not fatigued by low ferritin. Thinking low ferritin causing hair loss as low ferritin and big simultaneous hair shed last year.

Thoughts please

Thank you


Wow you've had comprehensive testing lucky you!

The test that indicates Hashimotos is thyroid peroxidase (TPO antibodies) I'm afraid I'm not experienced enough to comment on the others although they don't look to be abnormal.


I just tried to post a reply but it didn't take - so apologies if it appears after I post again. You are on a very low dose of Naturethroid - it is advised to keep raising every 14 days or so by 15 - 30mg until you feel optimal - your results reflect a low dose. Your TSH should be less than 2 and the fT3 and fT4 need to be in the upper 1/3 to upper 1/4 of the range. I am taking 180mg in the morning and 90mg in the afternoon and my TSH is suppressed. (<0.03).

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Wow JoJOMo!-I need to stay on doc to raise this and raise it more frequently than our usual wait of 6 weeks between increases.

I take NT 32.5 in morning and same in evening.

Thank you


These are a a couple of links which may be helpful. Dr. L has since died and it is archived but still has good information.


There are other topics at the top of the page. Some might not be accessible. Go to the date July 5, 2000 on this link:



That is an unbelievably small dose of Naturethroid. Your TSH is too high - when taking any form of T3, it's usually suppressed. But, then, your FT3 is too low, not even mid-range, and most people need it up the top of the range to feel well. Don't worry about the FT4, that's doesn't matter when you're on T3. The body only keeps what it wants, and it doesn't want as much.

Did you do both tests early in the morning and fasting? Tests always need to be done under the same circumstances, or you can't compare them.

Your ferritin is very low, it should be at least mid-range. Are you supplementing that, and taking 1000 mg vit C with it? Low ferritin will affect how your body uses Naturethroid.

Your cortisol looks ok, but that was only a morning measure. You don't know about the rest of the day. What you really need is a 24 hour saliva test.

Dr Lowe didn't like slow release. Something about it could go through your system to fast for you to fully absorb the dose, depending on the speed of your transit, I believe. If you want to add T3, I would add ordinary T3, if I were you. But, I think a couple of increases in Naturethroid should do the trick. :)

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Thank you Greygoose-

I did both tests early morning, no food, cup of coffee w cream/sugar.

1/20 test had no morning NT in system.

12/9 test may have had morning NT in system.

I had no idea low ferritin affect bodies use of NT. Thanks!

Last night started 325mg ferrous fumarate/L lysine/Vit C combo. Will now take 2x day.

Last year had bid hair loss simultaneous w low ferritin. Raised ferritin w ferrous fum/Vit c/L lysine and hair shed stopped.

I will ask for 24 hour saliva test.

Yes- I like your increase NT suggestion. I really am tired of my usual 6 weeks between NT increase. Will push for shorted interval wait of 14 days per JoJoMo suggestion.

Low anti bodies screen results too-see above.

Keep these EXCELLENT suggestions and comments coming EVERYONE! BIG VIRTUAL HUG OF THANKS!


A cup of coffee with sugar and cream counts as eating. So, you will have lowered your TSH. Just water is best to get the highest TSH. If that's what you want. But, as you had the coffee before both of the tests, you can see the difference in the TSH. Was your first TSH really one thousand, eight hundred and ten?

If you did take your NT before the test, you will just have measured the T3 that you'd just taken, so if you aren't sure, then the test isn't valid.

No NDT will be synthesised correctly - less so than synthetic T4 and T3 - if all your nutrients are not optimal. So, optimising your ferritin will optimise your use of the hormone you're taking. You might find it difficult to increase your dose if your ferritin is too low.

The increasing every 14 days rule, only works until you reach two grains. Then, you should wait six weeks and get tested. If you increase too quickly, you will miss your sweet spot.


Re the hair loss. Wouldn't worry too much as that will settle down. Hair follicles are affected by low thyroid and when you start to up your dose the damaged hair sheds but new healthy growth is behind it. So my endo said when I had the same issue and he was right it did settle down. I'm also on nature throid. I also have low appetite. Others are more competent than me in interpreting your results 😁. Hope you feel better soon.


Thank you Olsbird. I will hold onto this information for hope of change. Major hair loss with no new sprouts anywhere on head since October. I would love to look like a Chiapet with new hair sprouts!


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