Lab Results

I am on 2.5 grains of Nature-Throid. Could anyone interpret my lab results?

I still feel tired and not motivated doing things.

My FT3 looks fine but why my FT4 is low?

Thank you.

TSH 0.01 micIU/ml (0.2-4.2)

FT3 5.3 pg/ml (3.1-6.8)

FT4 0.9 ng/dl (0.93-1.7)

Vitamin D3 49.4 (toxic range >70)

Vitamin B12 648.4 pg/ml (50-2000)

Folic Acid 19.98 ng/ml (0.6-20)

Ferritin 81.1 ng/ml (13-150)

Iron 141 micg/dl (40-150)

TIBC 201 micg/dl (250-450)

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  • You're FT4 is low because you are taking NDT. When you take T3, the body only holds on to the T4 it needs, and it doesn't need as much. :)

  • Thank you. But why I still feel tired?

  • Your FT3 is obviously still too low for you. Also, your vit D is too low. Your B12 could be higher.

  • I was on 3 grains and my levels were over the range without hyper symptoms. Don't you think if I ask for T3 would be better?

    Also, any idea about progesterone cream? Will it impact on my thyroid function?

  • Yes, you could ask for a little T3 to be added.

    I don't think your thyroid has any function, so progesterone cream can't affect it.

  • i Think it really depends on how you feel... there’s room for increase if you need it

  • Thank you. Do you think if I ask for T3 I will feel better?

  • Possibly or just increase the dose of NDT.

  • According to the Stop the Thyroid Madness site, "If you have low FT4 and a mid-range or slightly higher FT3, it usually means the T4 is converting like mad to give you the T3 you do have, which means hypo".

    As Hellybaybee recommended, all depends on how you feel and there is a scope for a slight increase if needed.

  • You do have a scope for increase there but I keep coming across that the body does for some people need a good level of t4 when on ndt and some people do manage to have it like that when on ndt ..but for me top of range (if not over)t3 had my t4 right at the bottom of the range (If not under)..I believe sometimes the ratio of t3/t4 of pig gland compared to a human doesn't suit ..and for this reason I am thinking of adding some t4 into the mix to make it more like a human would have....I keep being advised that low t4 doesn't matter when on any form of t3 as long as t3 is good...for me personally I don't think that is the case as I have still continued to feel rubbish with top of range T3 even though my vits/iron etc are all ok .

  • Thank you. I've heard that hypothyroid and low progesterone are hand in hand and adding progesterone cream would help the tiredness. I am going to ask my GP about that.

  • The blood tests were invented for levothyroxine alone i.e. T4 only. Therefore if we add in T3 or take NDT results will not match so it is how 'we feel' which is the best way to judge.

    NDT was the original thyroid hormone replacement. Before that we just died of myxedema (caused by hypothyroidism). We were diagnosed according to our symptoms and NDT slowly increased until we were symptom-free and lived a normal healthy life.

    If taking NDT you increase your dose by 1/4 tablet every two weeks until you are symptom-free always taking note of pulse/temp.

  • Thank you. I was on 3 grains and my levels were over the range. So I decreased it by 1/2 grain and here is the new lab results.

    Any idea about my low TIBC?

  • When we take NDT. If you read the first link above that is how doctors treated people who were hypothyroid.

    I am not medically qualified and I don't know what TIBC stands for. Please put up a new post requesting information about your below range TIBC.

  • Be sure you are eating a gluten free diet and no sugar of any kind especially fake sugars. That can make all the dif in how you feel.

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