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Medicks Results help

Hi lovely people

so I have received my test back from Medichecks today and seem a bit confused by the results . They say my thyroxine is normal but my TSH is low , plus I have elevated peroxidase is slightly elevated. Not sure how i am supposed to proceed now. Any help will be most appreciated.



FREE THYROXINE 18.6 pmol/L, 12-22

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 111.0 nmol/L,



*9.36 pmol/L, 3.10-6.80



T3 *32 ng/dL

, 10-24

T3 RATIO 19.04 ,15.01-75.00



VITAMIN B12 186 pmol/L ,140-724

FOLATE (SERUM) 6.91 ug/L

, 2.91-50

25 OH VITAMIN D *36.8 nmol/L

, 50-200


5.4 ,0-5



,13.00 - 150.00

Thank you all in advance

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TSH is very suppressed, FT4 is in the upper range, and FT3 is over range. If you took T3 or NDT before your blood test it will peak in the blood stream for up to 6 hours giving a high result. If you left 8+ hours between last dose and blood test you are very overmedicated.

rT3 is over range. T4 converts to T3 and inactive rT3 and because FT3 is high more rT3 is produced to prevent FT3 going higher.

How much T4+T3 or NDT are you taking?

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). There is no cure for Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine treatment is for the low thyroid levels it causes. Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies.



B12 and folate are low in range. If you have symptoms of B12 deficiency in b12deficiency.info/signs-an... go to healthunlocked.com/pasoc for advice as they are the experts.

VitD 36.8 is insufficient. My sister was prescribed 2 x 20,000iu D3 per week to raise vitD from 40. You can buy vitamin D3 without prescription. VitD should be taken 4 hours away from thyroid meds. If you buy on Amazon please use the affiliate link healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

CRP is over range which indicates inflammation somewhere in the body.

Ferritin is optimal halfway through range. You can raise ferritin by supplementing iron with 1,000mcg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Iron should be taken 4 hours away from throid meds.

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Hi I'm taking 100 Levo and 25 liothyorine plus vitd 800



How long did you leave between last T3 dose and blood draw?

VitD 800iu is not enough. See my reply above.


Hi using the affiliate link can i only buy health supplements to contribute to the site or can i buy anything and the money will still go to the site?



Please use it for everything you buy from Amazon :)


Your vitamin D, ferritin and B12 are all too low. Thus makes it difficult for your thyroid hormones to be used

See lots of SeasideSusie replies re. Vitamin supplements

You have Hashimoto's, so need to look at gluten free diet and helping gut heal

See The Thyroid Pharmacist website for masses of info

Also Amy Myers and scdlifestyle.com


Summers1261 What thyroid meds are you taking? Still a combination of Levo and T3? What doses?

Your FT3 is very high. When was your last dose of T3 before the blood test? If you left 12 hours (the recommended length of time) then you are very overmedicated with T3. If you had taken your dose of T3 before your test then that accounts for the high level, T3 peaks in the blood betwen 2-6 hours after taking it.


Your high antibodies mean that you are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's which is where antibodies attack the thyroid and gradually destroy it. The antibody attacks cause fluctuations in symptoms and test results.

You can help reduce the antibodies by adopting a strict gluten free diet which has helped many members here. Gluten contains gliadin (a protein) which is thought to trigger autoimmune attacks so eliminating gluten can help reduce these attacks. You don't need to be gluten sensitive or have Coeliac disease for a gluten free diet to help.

Supplementing with selenium l-selenomethionine 200mcg daily can also help reduce the antibodies, as can keeping TSH suppressed.





Gluten/thyroid connection: chriskresser.com/the-gluten...


Referring back to you previous post healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

VITAMIN B12 186 pmol/L 140-724

This is a lot lower than last time. Did you start supplementing with sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges as suggested?

FOLATE (SERUM) 6.91 ug/L 2.91-50

Folate should be at least half way through it's range. Did you start supplementing with a B Complex, which is needed alongside the methylcobalamin B12.


25 OH VITAMIN D *36.8 nmol/L

You never did say what your Vit D level was last time nor what dose of D3 you were taking. Whatever you're taking isn't enough, you need 5000iu D3 daily at the moment until your Vit D level reaches the Vit D Council's recommended 100-150nmol/L and then you need a loading dose of possibly 2000iu daily. You also need the very important cofactors linked to in your previous post.


FERRITIN 48.5ug/L 13.00 - 150.00

Did you do anything about supplementing this? You're still way under where it needs to be, which is half way through it's range.


Vitamins and minerals need to be optimal for thyroid hormone to work properly. It looks like you may not have supplemented as suggested in your last post.

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Hi Susie im taking 100 levo and 25 tiromel... i didnt get the supplements as i wanted to wait for these results but i will now proceed to buy supplements



It's not possible to say if you are overmedicated on 25mcg T3 unless you say when you took your last dose of T3 before the blood draw.


24 hours


OK, so as your last dose of T3 was 24 hours before your blood draw, then you are very overmedicated with T3 to have a FT3 result of 9.36 (3.10-6.80). Your FT4 is fine so I would leave your Levo at 100mcg and reduce your T3.


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