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I have been feeling dreadful for a really long time: very tired, extremely dizzy, nauseous, poor sleep, night sweats, lightheaded particular and notable after every meal; terrible balance problems, sensitivity to heat - often chilly then sweaty.

I have had a plethora of test results and take some steps in light of these but very little is helping:

B12: Very low but not quite deficient - hovering at around 200 ng/l when the NHS says deficient is 197. I have been having private B12 injections but do not feel any better on them.

Vit D: deficient: now raised levels using D supplements

Magnesium: borderline deficient - now taking daily magnesium (chelated) and do not feel much better;

Sodium: high normal;

Calcium, Potassium: normal

Ferritin: 99 ug/L [30.0 - 400.0]

Folate: 4.9 ug/L [3.89 - 26.8]

Blood pressure: normal

TSH: 2.31 miu/L [0.3 - 5.5]

Serum glucose level 5.0 mmol/L (taken before I had eaten anything that day)

I am at such a loss - What is so wrong with me? Notably, no T3 or T4 test taken but I am ordering these tests privately.

Is my TSH normal? The Doc says so but my mother has underachieve thyroid.


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When we have thyroid disease our TSH levels should be 1, or even lower. Your nutrient levels are key to converting Levo dosage properly. If they aren't optimal you likely will have an issue with converting even with a dosage increase (which you need based on your TSH level) It's good to know you are ordering private labs. I'm going to add some reading for you on your specific issues regarding Vit D, folate, magnesium, and B12. As an aside: have you considered adapting a gluten free diet? Going gluten free can greatly reduce antibodies and help with gut issues we often have.





What dosage of Levo are you on (if any)? Have you been diagnosed Hypo? Or tested for Hashi's?

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Dear Rusty,

Many thanks. I am not yet diagnosed with hypo but suspected! I am, therefore, not on any medication for it yet but have T3 and T4 tests in the pipeline.

My real concern is to get a diagnosis. I feel all over the place mostly due to the balance and dizziness. Are these symptoms of hypo and is TSH 2.3 'normal' as my doc says?

Thanks so much,



I can tell you that that is exactly how I arrived with a diagnosis (I arrived at my own diagnosis that is!) My mother is also hypo, and I started having symptoms of severe dizziness, confusion, and weakness. My results came back "normal" (which we know is a useless term if one is Hypo - we need "optimal" levels.. but I digress 🙄 ) it was only after demanding a full thyroid panel my results were discovered. My GP deemed those levels "normal" as well. When I informed them Hypo is hereditary in my family they shifted gears and called it instead "sub-clinical". Long story short: after ending up in emergency with severe bowel problems, I've since fired that GP and have one much more versed in thyroid issues...and has even agreed to prescribe NDT 👍). Since then I have found extremely invaluable info in the forum via the wonderful members who post here. It's a great place to start for us newbies!

PS my first post states in the opening line that your TSH is not "normal" - just read thru it again. I know there's a lot to take in and not all of it sticks at first. Brain fog is a common thing when you are Hypo! X rusty

Thyroid U.K. has a good site to refer to also but the site is down currently

PS: before your next blood work be sure to fast ahead of time (water OK). If you were to take Levo it works best to leave 24 hours without dose before test for most accurate results, and have them done first thing AM.


That B12 level is low especially if injections aren't shifting it. I'd recommend checking out the Pernicious Anaemia group here and asking their advice.


Get your thyroid antibodies tested. TPO and also TG antibodies


Thank you - I will get all th thyroid tests done - I am just so worried as I really do not feel myself and have not done for such a long time. Anyone have similar symptoms in particular dizziness after food?


Your TSH level is in the normal range. Your folate is low. Have you been tested for autoimmune thyroid antibodies? As your thyroid is in range, then unless you have autoimmune thyroid antibodies perhaps you need to look for an alternative explanation. Are you taking any medication or supplements that might be causing side effects?


'Stop the Thyroid Madness' is an excellent source guide for many of us who have suffered from hypothyroidism and subsequently received outdated diagnostics and prescriptions from underinformed physicians. You will need to arm yourself/inform yourself and will receive much help from other individuals who have experienced similar, if not exact, symptoms to your own. The TSH is held sacred as a diagnostic/prescriptive tool by most MD's and is not the true indicator of your thyroid state. Too much to write here, but please know that you are not alone in your experience and help can be had by becoming informed beyond the routine, medical 'schpeel' as regards hypothyroidism and it's treatment.

Again, 'Stop The Thyroid Madness' by Janie Bowthorpe (sp?) has been an incredibly helpful resource for me. And I see that now there is a website by the same name.


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