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RVI Immunology Bloods Results

RVI Immunology Bloods Results

Same as my last post for Oestioarthritis in left knee, fibromyalgia, anxiety Deoression, TMD and Tinnitus, costocondritis, Bloating and Gas, unable to feel I've emptied bladder properly, Severe sweating and heat from inside.

8th March 2017 RVI These did not include any reference ranges.

General Haematology

Haemoglobin 141

Platelet count 350

Haematocrit 0.431

PBC 4.51


Haematocrit 0.431

RBC 4.51

MCV 95.6

MCH 31.3

White blood count 5.91

Neutrophil count (c) 3.56

Lymphocyte count (c) 1.63

Monocytes count (c) 0.55

Eosinophil count (c) 0.14

Basophils count (c) 0.03

NRBC count 0.00

Vitamin B12 265

Serum folate *8.7


Albumin 49

Calcium 2.57

Adjusted calcium 2.55

Phosphate 1.18

Alkaline phosphate 94

Creative kinase( Total) 108

Ferritin *119

Total vit D *57


BioPlex ds -DNA Antibodies <1

Bio Plex CCP Antibodies <0.5

All other BioPlex Ro-52 Antibodies

Ro-60 Antibodies

La Antibodies

RNP-68 Antibodies Sm Antibodies

Scl-70 Antibodies Jo -1 Antibodies

Centromere Antibodies

Ribosomal P Antibodies

Anti-Chromatin Ab

These just came back as negative written, again no range no nothing.

Why are these Anti bodies used, what are they looking for is my question out there. Any help at all dear people, I want to go to my GP a lot stronger this time, sorry if I've gone on I'm just rather sick as all out there must be, have a nice day everyone, 😘

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What meds are you on for hypothyroid and dosage? You seem to be getting tested for everything except properly for hypothyroidism! You really need TSH, FREE T3 FREE T4 and thyroid antibodies checking, do you have Hashimoto?

What about b12 Ferritin Folate and vitamin d? And with ranges :)

In range for any is not good enough you need optimum in all.

Your last two TSH were too high for a treated hypo patient, usually best under 1, and it was climbing at your September 16 test

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Thankyou for getting back, I'm not on any medication at all, in the past they stuck me on anti ds I've come off them properly I might add, I take naproxen for my fibro pain and costochondritis and jaw pain, the ant Ds just masked everything and I still felt down and blue and anxious on them,

March 16th 2016

Serum Ferritin 48 ug/L (12-300)

Serum total 25-OH Vit D 92 nmol/L (75-200)

Folate 6.3 (7-11)

October 26th 2016

Serum ferritin 59ug/L (12- 300)

B12/ folate level 242pmol/L (145-569)

I have started from January to take vitamins minerals to try help me feel better, but it's still a day to day thing, my GP just keep on sending me away, I'm sometimes so up set I get so down,

Thankyou for any advice




If you Google the Immunology antibodies that will explain what the tests are for.

We can't interpret results without the lab ref ranges but I can see that ferritin seems good, and:

VitD 57 is suboptimal, around 100 is optimal. I would supplement 5,000iu D3 for 6 weeks and then reduce to 5,000iu alternate days and retest in 3-4 months.

B12 was low in 2016. If you have signs of B12 deficiency in b12deficiency.info/signs-an... go to healthunlocked.com/pasoc for advice.

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Thankyou clutter sorry there were no reference ranges given to me on my flow sheet print out from the RVI , thanks for advice on B12 and vit D .. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


Hi I printed a copy of the b12 deficiency info, and looked into the immunology antibodies and found out some things I was tested for also had help from people here, exhausted today, but thanks. My brain is really sore now. Lol 😝


Dutch07 I find that eating gluten makes me feel as though I have cystitis. for the past 20 years I have been gluten free but have fallen of the bandwagon now and again. I suffer the next day with cystitis like symptoms, but if I have no more gluten then it gradually goes over the next day.

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Hope your feeling symtom free today j bee, are you still progressing with the gluten free, sometimes I get feelings like that although I have never been diagnosed as gluten intolerant, but suffer bloating 😘

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Symptom free today, but probably not tomorrow as all I could get for lunch today was a sandwich. I wasn't diagnosed as gluten intolerant either but was given an elimination diet by my son's paediatrician who was also connected with allergies. It was obvious after just three days that wheat was my problem. Try cutting it out for a couple of weeks. Hope you find an answer soon.

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Hurray for today, it's hard thou I do love a sarny and bag of crisps.. I will Definately be trying the gluten free diet at some point soon.


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Hope it works for you.

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Those antibodies seem to be for Lupus and other autoimmune diseases. Some of them are part of what's called an ENA panel.

The Calcium and adjusted calcium usually have an upper range of 2.60 so you're not far off the top end. I have similar results and am paying privately for a parathyroid hormone test, these are the glands that regulate calcium levels.

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Hi Simon yeah I was given a web site to visit on here and I spent last night going through a few things.i read about the Lupus etc. All with the help of lush people off here including you, I must have over looked the parathyroid hormone test, not really heard of it. Where are you getting that done and how much is it costing you please. Which gland are we talking about as I thought the pituitary gland and not the adrenal( I'm really tired and brain fog today, so excuse me if I sound silly ) up all night I just could not sleep. πŸ˜’πŸ€”πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ€“πŸ˜Ά

Thanks again


Please don't buy any tests based solely on what I said. Since you've asked, here's what I ordered:




*Parathyroid has to be checked at same time as calcium levels.

There's currently a discount code INSIDEOUT4 for 20% off.

BE AWARE: The blood needs to be drawn at the London lab early in the morning.


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πŸ™‚ cheers and no I won't Simon A 87 let us know how you get on with it, and post on here again. Many thanks

Na night πŸ’€πŸ˜΄


All pituitary/parathyroid results came back normal except elevated TSH which I already know about.

My Calcium was around the same level as yours so I guess there's no reason for you to suspect any parathyroid issue.

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Great news for you Simon 87, are you on medication for you elevated tsh ?? Are you feeling poorly at all, thanks for reposting, I've just been on phone to GP surgery for my blood tests result, they said they were all normal, I asked for a print out, she said why, I replied for me and she said it was not possible, I thought I was allowed to ask that, πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”


My TSH fluctuates around 5-7 but everything else is in range. I guess my thyroid is struggling for some reason, the thyroid antibodies were negative so I am now waiting for an endocrinologist referral which will take 3 months knowing the NHS :(

I have had steadily declining health for over 10 years, my TSH was about 3.4 when measured in 2007. Stress seems to trigger new problems like food intolerances and burning/itchy skin rashes. I quit my job because things got so bad and started spending my money on private tests, I've only found the Thyroid issue so far and I suspect that might be the cause of every problem I've developed over the years because at the very beginning I only had fatigue and a poor immune system but things got worse gradually over the time.

GPs don't like to give out results because then patients start second-guessing the doctors. My GP shows me the results on his computer but is reluctant to print anything off, it's annoying.

Perhaps book an appointment with your GP and ask him/her to go through the results with you.

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Yes Thankyou I will try that first and if it's just the same response I will take it further πŸ’›πŸ’š


Good luck with the encologist referral πŸ’šπŸ’™


unable to feel I've emptied bladder properly

Have you had children and/or a hysterectomy? Your bladder might be prolapsing and be out of shape so it doesn't empty properly?

You don't have to answer my questions, it was just something that came to mind for you to consider.

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Hi human bean yeah I have two children/young adults now 18 and 22. But give birth naturally although with my second I was very lucky I survived. Nearly bled to death. Had an emergency blood transfusion as lost 7 pints of blood. So poorly after wards., a lot of stitches I'm Affraid if he had been born first then I would nt have gone in for a second.. Very traumatic time hunny. How are you are you well? ❀️


Sorry to hear you had such a terrible time with giving birth.

I've just had a thought - any kind of prolapse could move things so that something presses on the bladder and that might make recognising the emptiness or otherwise of the bladder more difficult than it should be.

Be aware, I'm most definitely not an expert on prolapses!

I'm as well as I ever am, thanks. :)


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