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And the results are in! please help?

Hi everyone , my blood tests are back. Would love to hear some thoughts please. I am on 100mcg of levothyroxine a day, and have been for five years. Thanks to this site and people out there I have convinced my G.P that my tsh level should be under 1. I am lucky as he has embraced the idea that "THE NORMAL RANGE" maybe out of date, and is willing to treat the symptoms rather than "the results". He has increased my dose by 25mcg a month, and we have discussed it maybe needing to be as much as 300mcg if I want to exercise again and have a "normal" life. Without these usual debilitating symptoms. He also is very interested in the feedback I have been getting from this website.

Here are my blood test results,

Thyroid peroxidase antibody level 51.3 ! range <35

Serum free triiodothyronine level 4.7 range 3.1-6.8

Serum free T4 level 18.3 range 12-22

Serum TSH level 4.88 ! range 0.3-4.2

Serum C reactive protein level 1.6 range <5

Serum alkaline phosphate 73 range 40-129

Serum calcium 2.34 range2.15-2.55

Serum inorganic phosphate 0.86 ! range 0.87-1.45

Corrected serum calcium level 2.24 range 2.15-2.55

Serum urea level 5.5 range 1.7-8.3

Serum vitamin D 55 range 50 -120

Serum total protein 72 range 66-87

Serum albumin 45 range 35-52

Serum globulin 27 range 18-36

Serum ferritin 499 ! range 30- 400

Serum vitamin B12 341 range 197-866

Serum folate 6.6 range 4.6-18.7

Cortisol level 266 (no range given?)

Serum potassium 4.3 range 3.2-5.1

Serum sodium 141 range 136-145

Serum creatinine 113 ! range 62-106

Mean corpuscular volume MCV 90 range 76-100

Total white cell count 6.6 range 4-11

Neutrophil count 2.4 range 2 - 7.5

Eosinophil count 0 range <0 .4

Lymphocyte count 3.1 range 1.3- 3.5

I have taken a saliva adrenal/cortisol test but am waiting results. will post those to.

I have copied all results but have know clue to what most of them are, or do. So some maybe a waste of time , sorry.

I am 49 years old {feeling like 80!] male and I way 16st and 6` 2".

Thanks for taking the time to read them and I look forward to any responses.

paul-b x

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Hi paul-b

I like the sound of your GP! firstly we're not experts here, just fellow sufferers trying to help.

You don't say how you're feeling? (apart from over 80!)

Anyway the TSH is over range so that alone may indicate you're due a bit more Levo (as you say folks feel better when it's under 1 "normal"). A rough indication for full replacement is 200mcg for a 14st person - but there's other factors, age etc. and IF you need full replacement that is (like if you have had an op or RAI). Raised antibodies indicates autoimmune Thyroid (hashimotos is the most common form). FT4 and FT3 should be at the higher end of the range too. Vit D still in low range and, from my own experience I feel better now it's over 100 - is it nmol/L?)

nothing jumps out except over range ferritin - are you supplementing with iron? folate lowish - but don't see B12 or coeliac test on the list?

I'm sorry I can't comment on other tests and hope some knowledgeable folks will chip in...

best wishes Jane :D


and now I see the B12! - over 500 is considered better. J


Hi spareribs, thanks for replying. I feel dreadful to be honest, I am totally worn out. I feel constantly out of breath, my legs ache as if I have just run a marathon. I played golf yesterday and I walked the course . About the sixth hole my mates all stopped and asked if I was alright and suggested we got a buggy for the second half of the game. They were worried because I was out of breath and they hadn't seen me like it before. I have always been reasonably fit but gave up training as i would constantly become ill with colds , sinus problems e.t.c. Today I didn't get out of bed until 11.00am went out for a while then came home and fell asleep again for a couple of ours in the late afternoon!. I feel cold a great deal of the time. I feel very emotional quiet often, which is a very strange sensation for me . I feel depressed most of the time with no reason. I can not cope with social situations very well, feeling like I want to run away when there is a lot of noise and people about. My confidence seems to have escaped me in business and social situations. My memory is non existent which worries me as it seems to be getting worse! Physically I also have dry skin, itching all over and my nails keep breaking.

I feel that I am the complete reverse of the person I was, if that makes any sense. I realised about a month ago that I can not live my life like this anymore. So I have been trying to educate myself about hypothyroidism to try and find a way out of this hole. Thanks to all the other sufferers and you guys, I feel I am trying to do something about it and I am not going mad. I bet you wished you hadn't of asked lol!

I haven't had any op or RAI.

I do not take any supplements, but any suggestions would be good.

Do you think I should look at Hashimotos?

Once again thanks Jane.


Has your doctor mentioned the high Ferritin level? If not I would go back and ask if he could do more tests for iron to see if your stored iron is really that high. It could possibly be inflammation in your system falsely raising it, but if not, it should be checked in case you have Hemochromatosis (iron overload). That would definitely make you feel really tired and ill.

Your doctor should have given you Vit D supplements but if he/she won't I would get some Vit D3 and take a fairly high dose (5000iu per day would be good) for a month or two and then get the levels re-tested as this won't be helping the thyroid. You may find once you get the Vit D a lot better your TSH will come down without needing a lot more Thyroxine.

Good luck, Shaz


Hi Shaz,

That's interesting, and no he didn't make any special mention of the ferritin level. But I will definitely get it checked out , and look into Hemochromatosis.

He did say that the Vit D was low, so I will get some supplements. Are any particular make better than others or are that all much the same?

Thanks for your advise, its much appreciated.



Hi Paul,

The ones I use are Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 Gels 5, 000 IU but others will be fine so long as they are Vit D3 and not D2. My doctor originally gave me some prescription strength ones (Dekristol) when my Vit D level was very low (25,000iu per week) to build up the levels quickly so it might be worth asking when you go back but I know some doctors don't prescribe Vit D even though they should.



Wow that was quick! I will try and get some tomorrow and start building it up. When I go back I will ask about a prescription. You never know?

Thanks again,



Hi Paul - you sound like me then! and still researching how to get better.

I'm afraid I didn't get up 'til 11 today either, the feeling of waking up having done a marathon is def better since Vit D supplements 'tho (I was taking 4000iu drops daily, tested again and stopped at present as there's some sunshine.)

As shaz says about ferritin/inflammation it's worth getting a full iron panel done maybe, although I have seen somewhere that blood irons can be raised with hypothyroidism (I can't remember if it was due to blood volume, pooling? - something to ask your GP about). Other things you can research are the addition of T3, or some folks try glandular supplements (like nutriThyroid/Adrenal). I'm glad they're testing your adrenals too.

I hadn't seen the VitD range to 120 nmol/L before, but seen 50 as 'adequate' - but we know adequate isn't optimal. I felt the constant aches/muscle spaz/joint pain really brought me down, I hope you feel some improvement soon. Jane :D


Sorry I missed the vit D question , yes it is 55 nmol/L.



For information on iron, ferritin, etc. and advice on what iron-related blood tests to ask for check out this informative link. Glad you are having cortisol tested as cortisol problem results in inflammation which the high ferritin could be a pointer to.

As others have commented, your thyroid results show under-medication

B12 low and folate lower. Bad news! Will put link on to my post, re these, to somebody else.


Hi again: click on my nickname, go to my posts for today, the one you need is the third one down, in answer to "How long before I see any improvement". Info re b12/folate raising/private testing in there. in there.


Another thought, Understanding thyroid disorders by Dr A Toft is good basic primer plus has info you might convey to doctor, page numbers somewhere in my posts same link above.

Good luck!


Sorry didn't get back earlier, but have been away. Thanks for your reply's. I have ordered the book stop the thyroid madness. I am still trying to understand it all, all advice greatly received. I have found my cortisol saliva test now I am home. I am about to ask the question if any can understand what they mean. Please have a look if you have time. Thanks again!



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