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Numbers from tests

Many of you have been so helpful.

I'm going to post my result numbers to see what I can do to fix myself. I'm 52, 5'7" 235lbs

Most of my weight is in my middle. I'm on

synthroid 200 (started at age 18 on 75 but on this dose for 20 years)

Effexor 225 (15 years)

Some statin drug for 2 months 5 mg

Blood test results

TSH progressive L 0.15 (0.20 - 4.00)

Thyroxine Free 16.9 (9.0-23.0) pmol

T3 Free 5.5 (3.5-6.5 ) pmol/L

Ferritin 40 (25-200) ug/ L

Vitamin B12 307 (> 160) pmol/L

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TSH is low but not suppressed, FT4 is just over mid-range and FT3 is in the upper range so you appear to be optimally dosed on 200mcg.

Ferritin is optimal halfway through range so you may want to supplement iron with 1,000mg vitamin C to raise it.

If you have symptoms of B12 deficiency in go to for advice on which other tests to request to rule out or confirm B12 deficiency.


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