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Blood tests

Hi all, I've posted before about my husband's chronic daily headaches -5 years-and also symptoms of hypothyroidism which are dismissed by medics. He has been discharged by neurologist after 3 years treatment ending with Botox with no result and told that he must find a way of coping with the pain. GP referred him to the endo who did blood test:

LH 32 U/L 3-35)

FSH 60.7 U/L

Serum estradiol58 pmol/L(8.4-28.7)

TSH 0.7 mU/L (0.35-5.5)

Free T4 14.3 pmol/L (10 - 20)

Cortisol (random) 325 nmol/L (200-500)

Kidney function tests normal, eGFR 71

'The above tests reveal normal thyroid function.......does not need any further action with regard to his thyroid status.'

He goes on to refer to a previous test by our GP -July 2017- "showing slightly low normal free T3 of 1.4 (1.3-2.0 )with a normal TSH of 0.92 (2.0-5.0) and normal free T4 of 17.7 (12-22)"

I've no idea whether or not these figures are OK and would really appreciate some advice. Thanks

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Does he have testosterone results ?

His oestrogen is high, so i imagine his testosterone maybe lower, but it could still be a high number. IT might be the ratio of Testosterone to oestrogen is wrong.

LH is high which is the signal for generating testosterone.

FSH asks the testicles to make sperm. I can't say if this is high or not as you don't have the range.

Thyroid sensate look to bad, so i am thinking this is a high oestrogen problem and this can cause headaches.

Is he carrying a large amount of fatty weight? Does he have man boobs ?


Testosterone 3nmol/L (8.4-28.7). He does have manboobs and a spare tyre and is v conscious of weight and mentioned to endo, who said his BMI was ok, think he

said 24. But didn't see him undressed and at 6' 2" and 13 stone may seem ok but weight is in the wrong places! Perhaps I'm wrong but I don't set much store by BMI figures. Nobody has ever made a connection between oestrogen and headaches. Thanks for your input, it gives me hope that there may be some help around and others avenues to try!



So his testosterone is at 3 with the scale 8-28 approx !!!!

Why has no one picked up his very low testosterone and high estrogen levels.

You need to post on a specific male androgen forum to get more info if you are not getting help from the doctor.

Are you in the UK?

He seriously needs some help with this issue and it is not thyroid related.

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I have read some info and your husband is 87.

Seems to me they don’t want to help him as he is old.

Very bad to do this as his quality of life will suffer. So he gets these really bad headaches.

Do some reading on low testosterone and demand the endo takes some proper action.


Yes we are in UK, Manchester, I will swot up on testosterone etc on the male androgen forums and try to get enough ammo for his GP appt on Friday. Looking back, I can't see that anyone has done any tests.


Has your husband tried going to an osteopath? Sometimes they can help. Can anyone you know recommend someone good?


No he's not tried osteopathy,he did have sessions with an acupuncturist which helped a little for a short time. But he certainly will consider this, after 5 years he's willing to try anything! Thanks for your help


He may have a trapped nerve. A good osteopath may be able to gently release it.

Years ago my son had a headache which the GP and specialists could do nothing for - probably after playing rugby. Eventually I found a doctor who used manipulation on my son's neck and was able to relieve his pain. He needed another session or two, but that worked for him.

That was some time ago. A good osteopath can do something similar, but do ask round for recommendations.

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Thank you Anthea, I will ask around for recommendations.


I had severe migraines from the moment i started to take thyroxine until the day i stopped. I don’t know if your husband is taking thyroxine but from the day I switched to natural dessicated thyroid I have never had another migraine nor even a headache


I see that Cortisol is lowish. I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease at the end of November and one of my symptoms was severe constant headaches. Before diagnosis I saw a neurologist who believed that this headache was migraine although it’s like no migraine I’ve ever had before. Maybe ask for a short synacthin test to rule out adrenal failure, ( not Adrenal fatigue) which is commonly seen alongside hypothyroidism.



Thanks for your interest, I will do some research on Addisons, there seem to be so many conditions that can cause chronic headaches, non of which were investigated over 4 years with the neurologist.


I had a chronic headache 24/7 for 18 months. It was not a severe headache but it was constant (even present if I woke up in the night) and it was exhausting. Two GPs were unable to help, one prescribed amitriptyline and when that didn't work, another just said to take painkillers. Very unsatisfactory for a constant headache.

Finally I saw another GP who immediately identified the problem as being in my neck! She recommended a book entitled "Treat Your Own Neck" by Robin McKenzie. I found a copy in the library and within a week my pain was gone. Very simple exercises which you can do whilst watching television. If the pain should recur, just do a few of the exercises again. This book was like a miracle for me - hope it works for your husband too.

All the bestt


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Saw the GP today re the results of endo ordered blood test. GP was not concerned about the low testosterone reading, 3 (8.4-28.7) in

fact he tried to brush it off as not too significant, but with marsaday's comments on the result fresh on my mind I felt able to dispute with him especially as endo thought it low. So now awaiting an early day blood test for more accurate result.

Thanks for your help


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